It’s time to get to know AEGEE-Europe: The Equal Rights Working Group

AEGEE is an international youth organization that embraces differences, we can agree on that. However, despite the numerous fights for the recognition and celebration of those differences such as nationality, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc., discrimination is still part of our organization. AEGEE has the potential and also the duty to do something against this. That is why the current Strategic Plan includes Equal Rights among the four Focus Areas. We from the Equal Rights Working Group put that Focus Area into action.

The coordinator is Viola Bianchetti (AEGEE-Heidelberg), the Policy Officer Juliette Beaulaton (AEGEE-Lille) and the other five members are Enrique (aka Quique) Cañada (AEGEE-Zaragoza), Miriam Meksem (AEGEE-Berlin), Teresa Puchinger (AEGEE-Heidelberg), Samantha Smidt (AEGEE-Leiden) and María Rivero Zurita (AEGEE-Köln). Since August 2017, we have been dedicating our time to fight against discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation and race. We focus particularly on those three broad issues. However, we also believe that areas of discrimination cannot be seen as isolated units, but rather as areas that intersect. That is why we try to tackle discrimination from an intersectional point of view. You have no clue what intersectionality (or any of those other abstract concepts) is? You wonder how activism against discrimination works? You need help organizing events connected to any kind of discrimination? Or you generally feel that AEGEE needs to become more friendly for the less privileged? That is why we are here.

By means of our workshops, conferences, and many more projects, we will throw light on any concept connected with discrimination, raise awareness, and strive for a more equal AEGEE and Europe. If you want to get involved, we offer you several options. Participate in our workshops during EPM, Agora and NWMs, or take part in the two conferences in Bilbao and Leiden. The conference in Bilbao on “Discrimination of Women at Work” is taking place from March 23rd to 24th, the one in Leiden from May 25th to 27th (topic TBA). You can also cooperate with us during our Action month in May, or join us in the amazing Interrail Project.

Interested? Check out our Facebook page and subscribe to our Newsletter or contact us via email!

The Equal Rights Working Group is looking forward to working with you!




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