Does Neepan want a cookie or something else? We’re halfway there! Learn about the boardmembers’ experiences so far…

Time flies when you’re having fun; nothing can be said to be more true when it comes to this year. New Year’s Eve made us aware that  months already had passed within the blink of an eye. To give you some insight in our lives and the, what we consider as funny, jokes we have amongst ourselves, we played a little game. Here come the questions and our answers to them….

Which party are you looking forward the most?

Jildert: I look forward to the ‘Nedertopweekend’, because it’s always a lot of fun to hang out with the (board)members of other locals and of course, to to find out whether that Frysian AEGEE-Groningers are the best at games.

What is the most disgusting thing you ever found at the office?

Sabine: Well there was this one time when we had been away on an excursion and forgot some fruits on the table, so they were all greenish with fungus. However, the most disgusting thing would be Neepan (with his frikandellenbroodjes).

Are you horny or do you want a cookie?

Neepan: Let me think about that one for a minute. Yep, I am most definitely horny.

What have you discovered about your fellow boardies?

Marlijn: That Neepan gets all the vitamins he needs from the (few) vegetables that are on his Burger King burger. That Sabine has a ridiculous love for blood oranges and for making animal sounds. That Wietske’s biggest hobby is watching ‘Internet Gekkies’ and that she has a mild form of OCD. Finally, that Jildert’s all-time favorite song is True Colours.

What is your most valuable experience as a board?

Wietske: Singing ‘Het gras van het Noorderplantsoen’ with all of our members present at the social drink after the first introduction period.

What would you advise the XXXI board to do that we did?

Neepan: Organize an exchange with another local. Our trip to AEGEE-Poznan was great and I’m looking forward so much to receive them here in Groningen. Besides, our unplanned exchange with Bamberg is going to be awesome. Also very important for the next board is a high level of dirty minded jokes, one cannot do without those.

What kind of snacks are your fellow boardies?

Wietske: Neepan would be Mountain Dew with Burger King. Jildert is a box filled with instant noodles and fresh focaccia from the local market. Marlijn is a ‘Bamischijf’ and a patatje oorlog (important: with onions) and Sabine is a blood orange, she is still desperately waiting for the perfect ones from the market.

With which member would you like to be locked up for 24 hours?

Jildert: With Joost V., just to drink absinth together.

What is your favorite ‘the morning after a social’ food?

Sabine: MILK!! Pasta for dinner, preferably farfalle.

What is the best part about being a board member?

Marlijn: Social drinks, going to all the activities, getting to know many new members within and outside of AEGEE, … I can’t choose; there is a lot that is great about being a board member.

What are the best qualities of your fellow boardies?

Wietske: Neepan’s enthusiasm, Sabine’s preciseness, Jildert’s nerdy computer skills, and Marlijn’s absolute resistance to stress.

Which social drink was the most awesome so far?

Neepan: The Christmas social drink! Many members wrote really cute, disturbing, and funny messages on my Christmas card and I saw that many people really enjoyed themselves.

Which location was your favorite of the first half year?

Jildert: I think going to Poznan or Bamberg, either way because they both were exchanges.

We all look forward to the great excursions, activities, people that await us, and we will continue to make even more precious memories. The next semester will be a rollercoaster, with so many highlights we truly have to live in the moment to comprehend it all.

So now you know a little bit more! However, if you have great questions for us we’re more than happy to answer them and if you would like that, they might appear somewhere…. So mail us! Also, if you want similar experiences and more (since the best is yet to come!!), then e-mail to for more information about becoming a board member in the next board.

Love on behalf of the XXX board,



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