Keep the earth spinning, dancing all night long

As you probably know, AEGEE-Groningen will be organizing an epic Summer University this July. One hell of a program, the best parties and the most beautiful and most vivid city in the Netherlands will be awaiting you. Our magnificent program will contain several tips to make your life more sustainable, great theme parties, a trip to Amsterdam (optional), and the unique nature of the Wadden Islands.

Keep the earth spinning, dancing all night long 02You’re probably wondering who’ll be organizing this great summer event! Who could take on such a great and important task and execute it so well? This is of course the Summer University committee of AEGEE-Groningen. As if the program and the city aren’t enough to convince you, we will introduce the committee members here so you even get more excited to visit us. Meet the most beautiful and awesome people of AEGEE-Groningen:

Willemien: Willemien is the leader of this jolly bunch. With an iron fist and her dreaded gavel, she tries to keep everyone focused on the subject. Unfortunately, she often gets distracted herself, ending in a meeting taking double the time comparing other organizers to fungi while mistaking cucumbers for cell phones. Furthermore, she believes that the city of Hamburg was named after the meat and not vice versa. Fun fact: if you call Willemien “Willy Wonka” she will actually give you chocolate! Try it out! Willemien likes board games and theme parties.

Esther: Esther is our endless flow of ideas. Need a name for a SU? Call Esther! In just 15 minutes she will provide you with at least 15 names of sublime quality. Other than creativity, Esther is the voice of reason in the committee and the least chaotic of all members, do you have questions about the programme? Ask Esther!  Besides AEGEE, Esther is an aspiring teacher and a passionate mushroom hater. Esther likes theme parties and animals, and animal theme parties.

Alida: Alida is the newest member in our company, but because of that she is extra motivated! With her fresh point of view, she gives a great impulse to our wonderful Summer University. In general Alida is an active AEGEEan and a frequent social drink visitor. Alida likes to go out, mostly to theme parties.

Jildert: Jildert is the veteran of the committee: he has organized the SU in Groningen last year as well. He loves Summer Universities so much that he couldn’t resist to help again this year. With his infinite wisdom and experience, he is of irreplaceable value for this committee. Furthermore, Jildert is very good at bargaining and because of that he has made the whole Summer University cheaper for the participants!  Besides organizing Summer Universities, Jildert likes to drink beer and go to theme parties (preferably at the same time).

Marwah: Being fundraising responsible Marwah only has one thing on her mind; “raise the funds!”. Being the oldest member in the committee, she knows the value of money better than any of us youngsters! The reason she wants all this money is because she wants to eat in the most luxurious restaurants during this Summer University (although she sometimes expects the other members to pay for it), mostly because she can’t cook! Marwah is studying medicine, so if you happen to fall or fall ill, Marwah will be there to save you! Marwah likes to play sports and to go to theme parties.

Kevin: The only one who loves money more than Marwah is Kevin, our treasurer. Apart from being a financial wonder boy, Kevin, or “the Hulk” as we like to call him, is exceptionally talented in making promotional videos. Just look at the cinematic masterpiece that he created for this Summer university. In his free time, Kevin likes to remind Gijs that he is not that great and he likes to go to theme parties.

Gijs: Being the PR-responsible, hugging expert and most handsome male of AEGEE-Groningen (sorry Kevin (and sorry the rest of AEGEE-Groningen)). Gijs (don’t even try to pronounce it right) is without a doubt the most important member of the committee. During the day he is tirelessly thinking about new stories and facts to make clear that this will be the best choice of all the Summer Universities. In his free time, Gijs is an amateur wine-taster (he is able to recognize a white wine from a red wine blindfolded) and likes regular parties.

As you can see, nobody is more suited for organizing a Summer University than these fine AEGEEans. Do you want to know more about the program or do you have any questions left? Make sure to like our page to follow the updates and sneak peaks of the official activities! Do you want to see these heroes in real life? Make sure to apply!

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