Come onboard landlubbers! Let’s sail to a lovely island on the beautiful blue sea!

But first, let me introduce our committee. We are the EventCie, a lovely group of six highly motivated pirates ready to perform beyond our boundaries, just for you! Our Captain Anna, who prefers to be called Koekwaus, has only one goal: to find the rum! There is nothing in the world that could stop her from finding it. We have found our captain in the far south of the country, near Maaskantje. Her servant, or actually the First Mate, Lisette, is quoting everything that is said in her diary. She will publish it afterwards to get rich, and she will spend it all on travelling. Treasurer Mark travelled from the far east of the Netherlands to search for treasures to finance our journey to the northern island Ameland! He’s always seeking the best for his people with the lowest costs. He always has his secret stash of rum, and keeps it away from his Captain.

And then we have our three masters. Patrick is our Sailing Master, is responsible for our promotion so that we can find landlubbers that are brave enough to join during our grueling journey. It will be dangerous, it will be devastating, but when we find the treasure, it will all be worth it! Don’t overlook Leny, she is our Master Gunner and she may be quiet at first, but when she’s sailing on the Wadden Sea, she feels at home. And don’t forget Frank. Frank is just.. Frank. He is our Quartermaster and beware of him as well. He has a dangerous skill: his sarcasm will blow your mind.

So what are we doing? That’s easy. Our committee organizes an event during the third week of April. It will be a Network Meeting (NWM). A NWM is just like any regular event, but some workshops are included in the event. During the workshops you will get to know a lot about AEGEE from people who are involved with AEGEE-Europe. There will be a few sessions on what you can do to improve AEGEE locally as well!

There will be around 30 participants. All the participants will come to our beautiful city on Wednesday the 13th, so you will be able to meet them during the social drink! We want to make sure that it will be easy for every member of AEGEE-Groningen to learn more about AEGEE-Europe, and to get to know more people from AEGEE-Europe! On Friday, we are going to Ameland. There will be some workshops, we’re going to play some amazing games, and of course there will be a European Night as well!

Don’t forget that you can join us! Ten places are reserved for members of AEGEE-Groningen to join us on Ameland, and there will be enough things to do on the mainland as well!

But that’s not all! We’re going to organize another event pretty soon. You’re going to drink what a pirate loves the most; rum! Yes, we know you love it. On the18th of March there will be a rum-cocktail night where you will activate your pirate skills!

You just don’t want to miss this!


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