The days after the introduction period for the IntroCie

It was a really busy period! Every week we had at least two activities to think of, prepare and coordinate. For me as a commission member is was a reasonable investment: time, money, blood, sweat and tears. But the profits, if i may speak for myself, are experience, knowledge, contacts and a lot of new friend requests on facebook.

Besides these numerations about costs and profits it was also very nice! In the beginning we were (happily!) surprised by the amount of new members, who were mostly recruited by the KeiCie and the promo-people. After a few activities we quickly saw a lot of these new people who really enjoyed AEGEE-Groningen and really wanted to stay here!

The time passed by for the commission and before you know it the final party passed and after all the activities we had to evaluate and discuss our work. In the weeks after there was a gap of time we had to fill up again with all kind of nonsense like homework and writing essays.

I can tell with confidence that for me and my co-(ex)commission members we really hope that we put you, the new members, in the right direction into the AEGEE-life / AEGEE-carriere. That last one you can start by just doing it! Go on trips, go on your own (or with AEGEE-friends) to NetWork Meetings (NWM) or go with everybody to the next AGORA! These things are probably very new for you but i can guarantee you that many members and the board would love to help you!

For now, as the IntroCie, we are done, but I hope to see you all again at AEGEE!


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