Spring agora Enschede: Our experience <3

In May 2023, Ben and Joris decided that the train to Enschede would be too expensive for their sad student wallets. However they were so excited to join the Spring Agora in Enschede that they decided to go hitchhiking. Jennifer was leaving Groningen at the same time by train and arrived later than Joris and Ben. This already taught us something useful before we had the chance to join the plenaries and prytania of the Agora: when you join AEGEE, you will learn and experience a lot. For instance you should go hitchhiking because it is way more fun and sometimes even faster than public transport. Once we settled in the Gym, with a beautiful corner with other Dutch locals, we were going to have dinner. Did we look forward to it? Yes and no. We were really hungry, but we also heard some scary stories about Agora food…. 


Despite all the horror stories told by Arend-Jan and Mark, the food at this Agora was actually quite good. From hot curry to sandwiches, the range and diversity was amazing , such as AEGEE is diverse and amazing. They even had free coffee for the hangovers. The evening of the European night, the organizers gave us a warning, eat well and don’t drink too much during the night. After this, they provided us with the exquisite dinner of one whole sandwich, what could go wrong. Next to the European night there were some amazing parties every night, including going out in the city of Enschede, being brought by the party bus: creating the best version of Tunak Tunak Tun you will ever see. 


Next to the fun parties, there were also other spicy things. The plenaries weren’t always plain SAILing for AEGEE-Groningen. Luckily after some public emails, statements, motions and 42 amendments AEGEE-Groningen was able to get back their lost money. Next to this there were also a lot of interesting Prytania about the working groups, the Code of Conduct and updating the antenna criteria. But the most fun part was of course the plenary where Kirsten and Ola presented themselves as candidates for CD61. And the result? Well of course they got a lot of votes in favor and are now living in Brussels in the CD house. We are so proud of them <3


Lots of love,


XXXVI Board Benevolentia

Joris, Jennifer, Ben 


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