An exclusive interview with our future boardies

The long anticipation of the candidate board has ended a while back, and now we – the official future board – are returning to the spotlight to share more about ourselves, the upcoming year, and more than anything to tell what we love most about AEGEE. Get ready for a little laugh because each of us will be sharing a fun fact about ourselves.

Hello everyone! Let me start with a basic introduction: My name is Kirsten, I am 21 years old and currently studying International Relations and International Organization. I am applying for the functions of President and FR-responsible of the XXXIIIrd board. During the three years that I have been a member I have always loved the openness and kindness within our association. This in combination with the variety of activities – from parties and social drinks to lectures and workshops – have made me absolutely fall in love with AEGEE and I am very excited to (hopefully) be a part of next year’s board. I am looking forward to see more of Europe during the year and getting to know many new people in- and outside of Groningen. Obviously, due to the current situation it is hard to predict what exactly will happen next year. We hope to go back to the Brouwerij and our activities as soon as the new academic year starts, but we will have to see how the situation will change. Either way, we will try our very best to (help) organise fun and diverse activities! Lastly, a fun fact (or rather story) about me: I got the only piercing I have after a night in Seoul involving a lot of Soju (sorry mom).

Hi everyone, my name is Astrid, I am 20 years old, and I am currently finishing my bachelor in Sociology.  Hopefully I will be the Secretary and PR-Responsible in next year’s board! Over the last three years I have really found my place within AEGEE, by attending many local events as well as excursions, hitchhiking competitions and a Summer University. One of the things I have come to love most about AEGEE is its inclusivity and diversity; that there is a place within AEGEE for everyone, no matter their background or personality. This sense of community and connection has always made me feel very welcome within AEGEE. One of the things I am looking forward to most for next year, is to become more familiar with AEGEE-Europe. Apart from my Summer University in Salerno, my study commitments have always prevented me from attending European activities. I hope that I can change this next year, although Corona may throw a spanner in the works. The Corona crisis will generally be a very big challenge for us all next year. We all want to get back to normal with social drinks, excursions and hitchhiking competitions as soon as possible, but at this point we can only hope that this whole situation will be over soon. Until then, we have to figure out different ways to keep in touch. But despite these limitations, I am confident next year will be a great AEGEE-year! To close off, a fun fact about me: I once got stranded, on my own, in a French parking area for busses because the bus driver did not realize I was still in the bus. (And please let’s all assume this had nothing to do with my height.)

Hello everyone! I am Djené, I am 22 years old and I am currently studying Computing Science. Four years ago I was greeted with a warm welcome when I joined AEGEE-Groningen and I discovered that the members are kind, helpful and interesting people. It is very hard not to love a place with such a positive and open atmosphere. As an active member I have learned from and supported AEGEE-Groningen and I hope to continue this next year as I am applying for the function of Treasurer for the XXXIIIrd board of AEGEE-Groningen. I am excited about working together with my fellow board members and the committees next year and I hope to get to know AEGEE-Europe better. (Did everyone watch the online Agora? It was pretty cool and Arend-Jan got elected!) But right now I look forward most to seeing everyone’s face again and hearing how they are doing. Without physical activities and socials it is harder to stay connected and next year we might get fewer new members than previous years. But with the help of our members we will get through it. Fun fact: I don’t believe in breakfast food. I can eat a spicy hot curry as breakfast. Actually, I have done that quite recently. It was delicious. 

Hey everyone! My name is Aleksandra, but you can also call me Ola (I know it does not make sense, it’s just a Polish thing). I am 19 years old, and I grew up in Maastricht, I spent ten years there, but no I’m still not a fluent Dutch speaker. Growing up, I dedicated myself mostly to one hobby: Ju-jitsu though I also play the guitar from time to time. I chose to study European Languages and Cultures in Groningen because of my interest in languages and EU politics. I am now finishing my first year at university, and soon one year will pass since I joined AEGEE. I first heard of AEGEE after my university course has started, and the warm and welcoming environment is something I will never forget. The diversity at AEGEE is what I love most. I am applying for the function of the European Affairs Director, and I am looking forward to creating more awesome memories with fellow AEGEEans. I predict that the biggest challenge will be avoiding corona interfering with all the plans. Nevertheless, I am positive that we will make the most out of the year. At last, I want to share a Fun Fact about me: I love peanut butter, and I usually eat one peanut butter jar per week.

Hi everyone my name is Romy, I am twenty years old and I am currently finishing my bachelor in Psychology. I am applying for the function of Local Affairs Director in the XXXIIIrd board of AEGEE-Groningen. I became a member of AEGEE two years ago and I always loved the open atmosphere and the nice people. I am very excited about working together with my fellow board members next year, to be part of organizing the many activities and get to know the members even better and have a lot of fun with them. I’m also looking forward to the many trips and meeting AEGEE-members from all over Europe. I think the biggest challenge for me personally will be the planning of the many tasks to make sure I don’t forget anything. One fun fact about me that has to do with that, is that I always forget to water my plants and also to buy new ones, so half of the time I only have empty plant pots in my room.  

Now you have gotten to know us a little better, and as the candidate board, we are incredibly excited for the upcoming year. We have our worries about the virus, but we are not letting it get in our way. We can’t wait to see you all soon! 

Lots of love,

The Future Board


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