The KEIcie goes to the zoo, at some point

After a last-minute writing session, we, the KEIcie, are happy to tell you a little something about us! For now, the committee consists of three members: Belinda Schaatsenberg, Sophie Tijssen and Emmely Tapper. This year we will organize AEGEE’s presence at the KEI-week and we are super excited to have fun this summer introducing students to our amazing association. We are all first-year members of AEGEE and Sophie even saw the previous KEIcie at the last KEI-week. She is full of ideas for what we should absolutely keep and what we can do even better. We are also super ambitious and want to promote some of the amazing opportunities AEGEE has on a European level as well as all of our awesome travels and activities. We are already looking forward to a great summer and hope that you will join us in the KEI-week!

But no matter how hard we are working on the KEI-week, our committee is not all work and no play. A few weeks ago, We decided that we should all go to the petting zoo together. This plan was later upgraded to an actual zoo because we think we deserve a bigger fun trip. Unfortunately, we had to postpone this trip due to the current circumstances. But this won’t stop us! The KEIcie has gone online to continue planning an amazing KEI-week (and of course our trip to the zoo!). We decided to show you how we still work together now, using the internet, with our committee picture. But enough about pictures and zoos (for now), here are our awesome committee members:

Belinda is the president of this year’s KEI committee. She’s a fourth-year (oops) International Business student that is hoping to start her master in Human Resources next year. While she hasn’t travelled all that much, her favourite destination so far was the ring of Kerry in Ireland. She also hopes to someday travel to Asia but isn’t sure whether to visit Japan or South Korea. Although Australia also seems amazing. Belinda isn’t necessarily always the best at making choices if there are lots of good options. Don’t ask her what should be for dinner. The answer will always be ‘I don’t know. What do you want’ because there is way too much good food and she can’t choose. What she does know though, is what animals she most looks forward to seeing at the zoo. Belinda wants to see the prairie dogs in particular because she has some good memories of chilling out with them with her parents when she was little and now they’re her favourite.

Emmely, this years’ treasurer, grew up in the countryside, surrounded by cows and chickens. Currently, she is studying Biomedical Sciences and has had more luck in finding parties and good Netflix series than in getting a degree so far. But, times are changing. She is a ‘waterrat’ as she has been playing water polo for more than a decade. In the future, when this self-isolation thing is over, Emmely would love to visit Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina. Well, basically all the countries in Latin-America, looks like she cannot choose. Her favourite travel destination is either Krakow or Rome. Emmely would love to see pandas at the zoo, because she can be quite lazy, just like those giant, fluffy creatures. Unfortunately, they live in only one Dutch zoo, so in that case, she wants and has to compromise, to see tigers or lions. According to a good friend of hers, Emmely cannot understand sarcasm. She just doesn’t recognize whether someone is being sarcastic or not. Don’t use that against her please, or do, if you want to have a good laugh.

Sophie is the secretary of the KEI committee. Freshly graduated from high school, she started her first year of the bachelor Artificial Intelligence. She has no idea what she would want to study after her bachelor. Luckily, this is still a few years away, so she has some time to make her decision. Although, she is determined to first take a gap year to travel. She has no definite travel plans for the upcoming vacations but is very looking forward to the trips and hitchhiking competitions organized by AEGEE. She wishes she could travel to Asia, Afrika, Australia, … So basically the whole word 🙂 (never stop dreaming, right?). She hopes she will be able to travel back to Latin-America, sometime. A few years ago, she travelled to Costa Rica with her family, and this vacation made quite an impression. Although, you can also count on her presence for a simple trip to the zoo. But beware, if you can walk underneath the aquarium, she might stay there forever (after she has seen the elephants, of course). 

We also want to mention our previous head of PR, Florence, who unfortunately had to leave the committee. We had a great time working with her and gave us some wonderful ideas to work with. She’s also addicted to ‘oliebollen’ and has made it her new year’s resolution to get obese since she is always eating. She also has some eccentric knowledge of vines which we will miss. She asked us if we’d like to have a commemorative drink and we want to take her up on that offer as soon as it is possible again. And, of course, we hope to see her during the KEI week, if she can find the time of course!     

To our dear readers, we hope you enjoy this little look into our amazing committee. If you are still looking for something fun to do this summer, come join us between the 10th and 14th of August!

Elbow salute,

The KEIcie


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