The Summer University committee

Our almighty leader is Nikki, she is hearty, always happy and cares A LOT about the happiness of others. At the moment she’s very, very busy with graduating and becoming the teacher we all dreamed of when we were young, so hopefully when you come party with us during the SU we can have a huge celebration. We have faith in you, Nikki! Seeing how you handle the committee responsibly and with enthusiasm, we cannot believe you will not make it.

It’s a miracle our secretary has time spare to be with us. Esther is currently doing her internship, the EventCie, her boyfriend (hehe) and the SU. Most of us would think this is too much too handle. Somehow, in her busy life she finds time to do her part and even read the minutes and agenda (opposed to the other committee members). In the committee, Esther does not directly appear upfront, but she’s not backing down to make her point. She sticks to her opinion and firmly defends it.

As a committee we like to spend a lot of money but luckily we have Ruth, our treasurer. We have Ruth to remind us, time and time again, that we have no money. Well, had – but we will get to that later. With her eyes on the price, she constantly gives us advice on the different choices we have but never makes the decisions, because “we have to do this as a team’. As we all know, studying is the best time of our lives. Ruth (and Jildert as well) knows everything about it. But Ruth, this year you’ll make it, we all believe in you!

When Ruth distinctly expressed her opinion about the lack of money, we missed the amazing gift we got from AEGEE-Groningen. Because we have a Kirsten! Kirsten is our FR-responsible and a good one! Her skills helped us to make SUrreal even better than it was! As Ruth describes it: “We have money now!”. The way bars in Groningen may not have realised how much money they promised Kirsten, which is also the case with the committee members. Even though she might not be very upfront about her opinions, she still manages very well to squeeze them in gently.

When it comes to expertise, Jildert and his function match perfectly. Jildert will invite you to the great parties that our SU offers and they’re great, Jildert is sure about it. If you see him without a drink, it’s a rare sight. As the PR-responsible Jildert puts fantastic effort in the creative process, I mean: look at Facebook, our logo and the promo! His bedazzling way with words, as you can see on our Facebook page, he also uses in our meetings. If he disagrees, and he often does, we all know it.

Now the one member that everyone in AEGEE-Europe knows since Agora Krakow: the one and only Jelmer! He is the first president of AEGEE-Stockholm, a dancer, a busy, busy traveler and a soon to be supermodel! All titles he proudly owns. In our committee he’s just Jelmer, the content manager with a clear opinion on perfection. If it weren’t for him we couldn’t have done many things. As we said it before, the world knows him and Jelmer knows the world! Jelmer, thank you!

Lastly, but definitely not least, Elise: the girl on fire. This year she is not in the Brouwerij on Wednesdays so much, but if she’s there you cannot miss her, with her amazing blonde hair and her dance moves that tend towards perfection. The electric energy that she takes to the Brouwerij is around her wherever she goes. If she loves SU ideas we know it, but if not…. you know it too! Just like Jildert, Elise has a magical way with words and she wrote much of the SU details that you now find on the applications page, just lovely.

The SUcie is a team filled with differences: in opinions, lives and values. But we all strive to the same goal: make the SU great again. We still need your help to achieve our goals, so sign up as helper by mailing: Looking forward to seeing you there.


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