Magic Meike in Malta

So where to start? Let’s say I didn’t really plan to go to Malta. But oh well, to not go too much into details, I pretty much decided one day that Malta was a pretty good place to do an internship. Then I had to arrange everything in one month, which was not a lot of time and brought a lot of stress. Around that time I was really trying not to fail all my exams and was busy organizing the SU in Groningen. But I managed and off I went.

Obviously I was really nervous since this was my first time really travelling alone and moving abroad. I was afraid I would not have a good time or make any friends, a half year can be very long then. The first night my Maltese roommate took me out for dinner, which was really nice. Something that was also awesome was that I participated in the Summer Event of AEGEE-Valletta. After the event my first day at my work placement started. I follow my internship in the Cavalieri Art Hotel in the Food & Beverage department. My work mostly consists of doing administration. I really enjoy working here, main reason is because I like my colleagues. There is a lot of diversity in the F&B department.

I also made some really nice friends whom I met via ESN. We go out at least once a week of course. Since I also need to keep up my reputation I sometimes even go out while I have to work the next day at 8.30h, (bad-ass, I know) always a joy the next day. With these friends we also do some sightseeing, hiking, go to the cinema or other events. So there was no need to worry that I would not make any friends.

Malta is a small island. If you are going to land with the airplane you can basically already see the whole island. The area I live in is very nice. I especially like the promenade near the sea, for this reason I like to walk to work (20 minutes). The capital city of Malta is Valletta. I really like Valletta, since this city has more history than the area I live in, which is more touristic.  Here there is a different landscape than in the Netherlands. Especially the coast is very beautiful with the cliffs. I’m sure going to miss the view when I go back to the Netherlands.

So let’s say Magic Meike is really enjoying her adventure in Malta and definitely didn’t lose her touch.



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