The Introduction Committee’s introduction


Get ready for some very fun introduction activities this year, because there are a lot of dedicated members in this year’s introduction committee! Even though one of them is obsessed with cats and two others are looking at each other more than at the tasks at hand, they were able to create some fun events for February’s introduction period. Since this introduction period has already begun, it seemed like a good idea for each of us to introduce one of the other members (which means you shouldn’t take it too seriously).



Janniek is 21 years old and she is the chairwoman of our committee. She makes sure every task is completed and every event is organized down to the last detail. Her education comes in handy with this task: she’s doing the academic teacher training for primary schools, so she definitely knows how to keep children, such as the other members of the committee, under control. (But don’t worry, she won’t be this mean to the new members!) Another fun fact about Janniek is that she’s absolutely obsessed with cats. She doesn’t just love them, she loooves them. I’m serious: if you’re even a little allergic to cats, don’t come near her! You’ll be coughing all day long.



 Arjan is a very sympathetic young man, 19 years old and he is the FR-responsible of AEGEE’s introduction committee. He studies computing science and enjoys playing in his marching band, watching birds, and taking romantic walks on the beach. Furthermore, he is very fond of his collection of exotic snail shells. When you get to meet Arjan, you’ll quickly see why he is so likable: he engages enthusiastically in each conversation and responds to every gaze with a kind smile. Keep in mind, however, that you will occasionally feel stupid and inferior by his use of complicated words.



The 18-year-old Astrid is our committee’s PR-responsible. She designed our logo and is in charge of the communication about our events. She is a first-year sociology student. Though she might seem quiet at first, she’ll enthusiastically throw herself into any task or problem that presents itself. In her free time, she likes to do imitations of well-known opera singers. As an avid photographer, nothing is safe from her lens. Keep an eye on her if you don’t want to have your life documented in pictures!




Ewout is a cheerful 21-year old guy, who has the function of ‘General Member’ in the introduction committee. He studies Built Environment, and has lived in Groningen for three and a half years. Ewout loves to play guitar, and has a big passion for music. He is also a very, very enthusiastic collector of dictionaries from all over the world. At this moment, he has about 164 dictionaries in his possession! Ewout is also very interested in Formula 1. But even though he likes to watch the sport, he would definitely crash the car if he were to drive one. He has crashed  five  cars in four years.




Jesse is the treasurer of IntroCie ‘18. He has an important job in the committee, because he has to make the budget and he has to collect all the receipts for the expenses we make. That’s going to be a tough task for him though, because in his student life he’s not very organized ? Jesse is a third-year archeology student and he likes to travel a lot. He made great trips to Rome, Barcelona, and many other places and he can tell you everything about it when you join our introduction period!




Jamie is an 18-year-old girl and she is the secretary of the intro committee. She studies law at the University of Groningen and you can bet that her law books are as organized and decent as she is! She is one of Groningen’s newest inhabitants and she immediately found a great place in the city center. Of course, it’s really tidy and clean there. In contrast to her boyfriend, who is not so organized (sorry Jesse). She met Jesse at AEGEE’s introduction camp last year. The spark was there and they are now our happy committee couple. Besides that, Jamie likes to listen to music, she makes new friends easily, and she is really fun to hang out wit



Last but not least, Shenza is the newest addition to the introcie. She’s is a very cheerful girl who is in the second year of her study in Information Science. Shenza has, just like Ewout, the function of ‘General Member’, which means she will be of great help! Both of them will help out all of the other members with their tasks.



Now you’ve seen how much fun these members of the introduction committee are, we expect all of you to come to our introduction activities! You’ll get to meet all of the new (potential) members of AEGEE-Groningen and have a lot of fun 🙂 We hope to welcome you soon to one of our activities!


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