NWM Groningen April 2018: A look into the educational side of AEGEE

Network meetings? I have heard of them, but I have never had the pleasure of attending one until this year in April, when one took place in my hometown: Groningen! To be honest, the educational side of AEGEE is a side  that never really grabbed my attention. Nevertheless, I felt I had to experience it at least once. So, I decided to just give it a chance and applied for … Read more

Batavierenrace 2018 – AEGEE-Groningen Edition

For the ones who do not know me yet, let me first introduce myself. I am Roger, 26, master Psychology and I joined AEGEE-Groningen in February. Since I am running for a couple of years now, when I heard AEGEE-Groningen wanted to participate in the Batavierenrace, I couldn’t say no to signing up for the team. The Batavierenrace is known for being the biggest running competition for students in which … Read more

Traditional Italian alcohol recipes

Italian Limoncello This lemon drink is considered the national drink of Italy. It is great as an after-dinner drink. The taste is a combination of sour and sweet. It has a beautiful yellow colour. This is the traditional recipe how Rosalba Valente makes it back in Bella Italia. Ingredients: 1 liter of pure alcohol 700 grams of water 500 grams of sugar 8-10 yellow lemons (it depends on the size) … Read more

AEGEE-Would you rather: Diving in the mind of AEGEEans during the weekly social

Ah, the Wednesday social, the evening every AEGEEan is looking forward to. What’s not to like about it? You can drink for a reasonable price and you get to see all your favourite AEGEE mates again! It is almost like a weekly reunion. But while you are drunkenly attempting to form a sentence of sorts to scream in the ear of one of your fellow AEGEEans (because De Brouwerij likes … Read more

Ladies and gentlemen: The European Committee!

It is true, we already had some great introductions from lovely committees, but of course you were all wondering: ‘’where is the Europe Committee? I really want to get to know them better!’’ Well who are we to deny that to you? So here we are: six beautiful, talented people, willing to organize awesome events for you during the year. We already had a lecture, a gaming night and the … Read more


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