Working Groups

There are 4 Working Groups; one for each focus area from the Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe. Do you have knowledge of or experience with one of these subjects, or would you like to learn more about these subjects? You can apply to the Working Groups when there is an open call. You can find them on Facebook for more information about what the Working Groups are currently working on.

The Working Groups currently consist of the following:

Climate Emergency Working Group

The Focus Area of Climate Emergency aims to educate young people and empower them to practice active citizenship in order to contribute to the green transition, understood as the individual and collective measures that need to be taken to prevent an environmental catastrophe.

Mental Health Working Group

The Mental Health Focus Area aims to act against mental health stigmatization and support mental well-being, while tackling the topic of mental well-being, promote awareness and offer support networks and tools. The working group wants to give more attention to mental well-being and create a safer space inside AEGEE.

Political Activism Working Group

The Political Activism Focus Area aims to inform young people about the realities of European politics and society and provide them with the tools necessary to become independent citizens able to act.

Social Equity Working Group

The Social Equity Focus Area aims to make young people aware of discrimination based on place of origin, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities, and take action to promote social equity from an intersectional perspective.


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