Lustrum trip to Israel

Van: 24-11-2018 t/m 03-12-2018
Start om: 12:00 uur
Locatie: Israel

Georganiseerd door: Lustrumcommissie

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On the 24th of november we will take off to the beautiful country Israel. We will first visit Tel Aviv and continue our stay in Jeruzalem, a trip to the Dead Sea is included as well! The program will start on the 25th of november and lasts until the 1st of december. Some will leave this day, and others might stay around until the 3rd of december to check out the city for two more days. More info about the programm will follow!

Costs: 225 euros

The costs will be cashed off your bank account in three parts, namely in September, October and November.

Niet alle activiteiten zijn open voor niet-leden, wil je je ergens voor opgeven of meer informatie neem dan vooral contact met ons op via deze pagina of mail naar


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