European Dinner

Op: 11-02-2021
Start om: 19:00 uur
Locatie: Discord

Georganiseerd door: Kook committee

Facebook Event
European dinner: love without borders! ?
On February 11, the last day of the Europe Week, the European Dinner will take place! This year, it has been adapted to an online format. For this delicious European dinner, every participant will be asked to cook a meal from a certain European country! ?‍? After you have been able to show off your amazing cooking skills, our Cooking Committee will pick up your meal, and distribute it among the other participants. This means you will receive a great surprise-dinner cooked by someone else! And to get a bit in the Valentines Day-mood already, some cards and candles will be delivered along with your meal. ?In the end, you will get to guess who cooked your dinner, and to which European country it belongs. ??
After you have received your dinner, there will be a fun speed-dating session on Discord! While enjoying your European dinner, you can chat with every participant for 5-10 minutes to get to know some amazing new people.
You can sign up for this activity here:…/1FAIpQLSeuFHAp0WbI8w…/viewform
*You can only join this event when you live in the city of Groningen.

Niet alle activiteiten zijn open voor niet-leden, wil je je ergens voor opgeven of meer informatie neem dan vooral contact met ons op via deze pagina of mail naar


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