Looking forward to the KEI-week: the KEI-Cie!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the best committee of the year…… the KEI-Cie! When all other committees are done and have fallen apart, it is our time to shine. During the KEI-week we will get as many new faces as possible to join AEGEE and inform them about all the wonders our association has to offer. Our committee members have bonded over the mutual competitiveness during the committee competition and the determination to beat the SU-Cie. Nonetheless, each one of our members is also a special little snowflake. Let me tell you why.

First up, is our chairwoman, Nivé, biology and medical laboratory research student. She keeps our meetings fun with our weekly segment “Dirty jokes with Nivé”. She likes learning things about new environments and tries to stay impartial by saying she doesn’t have a favourite country. Yet she wants to be France, so I guess “all countries are equal, but some are more equal than others”.

Secondly, we have our treasurer, Arjan, who studies computing science. He keeps us in check when we try to buy a bunch of unnecessary but fun goodies. His favourite country is Spain. I guess there are a lot of historical places there, considering he likes exploring those.

Then we have our PR-Responsible, Alexandros. He does a master Multilingualism and Honours master Leadership. Our Greek addition to the team makes every group picture so much harder by being over 2 meters. His favourite thing about traveling is voluptuous herbs and people and he loves Italy for its aesthetic quality. Greece is also nice because of its beautiful summers, yet I fail to see the connection why this makes him Greece.

Next up, our first associate (he prefers this over general member), Geert. Every single meeting he corrects Nivé on his name and to compromise he has started calling her Névi. Geert studies werktuigbouwkunde (sorry no idea what the English name is and I’m too lazy to Google). Slovenia is apparently the best country and Geert is best described by whatever country drinks the most beer. Also being the lovely person he is, he finds a lot of joy in learning the swear words from countries he travels to.

Our second associate is Kim Possible. In her free time she decided to help out in AEGEE. Kim does the same study as Nivé (name is too long #sorrynotsorry) and considers herself a very chill person. This chill vibe is best expressed by countries as Australia or Jamaica. She would also really love to go to Hawaii someday (because apparently that just now became its own country).

And then finally, there is me, Steffanie. I’m the secretary, which is why I am writing this beautiful article for you guys. I study (or at least am doing an attempt at) economics. My favourite country has to be Taiwan, because of all the great memories. And I have no idea what country I would be so you get to pick one yourself.

And then here, just for you, some nice facts about everyone.

  • Nivé can crack her knuckles and back
  • Arjan hasn’t burped in at least 2 years
  • Alexandros reads daily erotic novels and sometimes writes them as well
  • Geert can run 7 km in two hours
  • Kim has seen 44 out of the 57 Disney movies
  • And I can say the alphabet just as fast from Z-A as from A-Z

Now that you know us a little better, come join us during the KEI-week!


The KEI-Cie


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