Meet the EuropaCie!

The EuropaCie comprises of 5 girls and together we organize Europe-related events such as lectures, a debate, the Agora simulation and last but not least the Europe week (which will be soon so make sure that you’ll be there!). Our goal is to make the Europe events this year attractive and interesting in order to share some lovely European culture. What binds us as a committee is that we are all girls and love to gossip about everything going on in our lives.

Karlien van de Wetering
Karlien van de Wetering is our beloved chairwoman. With a committee full of girls she’s the one in charge to silence the hennery. Currently she’s not studying but a hard working woman in physiotherapy. Next year she will start with her master rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy in Leuven. She loves to participate in hitchhiking competitions and what she likes the most about traveling is the feeling of freedom and escaping normal life. Her favorite countries of the countries she has visited so far are Spain and Italy, but when Karlien would be a country herself she would be Australia. A well developed country but not sitting at the front row. She goes with the flow as long as everything is to her liking and she doesn’t mind giving up some things in order to make everyone happy. However be aware! If Australia is against something she will let you know 😉. As closing off one lovely fact about Karlien is that she is truly a chef when it comes to making carrot soup.

Sacha Reus
Sacha is our wonderful secretary. She is a very necessary addition to our committee! When she is not able to attend a meeting, we appear to not have a laptop and have to write the minutes entirely by hand. So please don’t leave us ever again! Sacha is in her second year of her international relations-study, so it looks like she loves other countries. She has also traveled all over the world already and that makes it very hard for her to pick a favourite country. If she really has to choose her favourite country would be New-Zealand or Indonesia, because of the amazing food, culture and people. If Sacha had to be a country, she would identify most with Australia since she is a very warm person (and the cute kangaroos, of course). Also, she says her favorite thing about travelling is tasting foods from different countries, but secretly she just wants to get away from all the boerenkool met worst here.

Astrid Nadine
Astrid is our admirable treasurer, so she is an essential member of our committee. She is present at every meeting with her good ideas and her reminders of our expenses. Astrid is in her second year of sociology and she also give courses to other students. But even when she is overbooked, she always has the time to travel or to participate in a hitchhiking competition. Astrid loves to travel so it is difficult to know what country she could be and to know which country she loves the most. However, her willingness to go to Hong Kong next year for her studies suggests that this is the country she prefers. Finally, what Astrid likes when she travels is to discover a diversity of wonderful landscapes to photograph and to discover culinary specialties, but there should be no vegetables on her plate.

Romy Hakkers
Another very important member of our committee is Romy. Romy is our PR–Responsible, which means that she is the face of this committee. She makes sure that every member of AEGEE-Groningen knows about our events. Besides/in addition to this very important job, Romy is in her second year of Psychology. Romy is very patient and a good listener. These qualities will make her an excellent psychologist if you ask me. What Romy loves about traveling is to discover new places, which makes it easy to understand that her favourite country to visit is Austria. If Romy would be a country, she would definitely be one of the Scandinavian countries.  It’s not just her blond hair and blue eyes that made us choose Scandinavia, but also her personal characteristics like patience and modesty and her favorite country to visit are reasons to believe that these countries are most suitable.

Margot Da Silva
Margot is the general member of our committee, but this doesn’t mean that she does anything less than the rest of us. Margot is always one of the first persons to offer help or take on a task. Therefore she is an indispensable member of our committee! Margot is an Erasmus student, which means that she left her beautiful home country France to come study Human Science here. Margot’s favorite country to visit is Iceland, because it is an adventurous country with an amazing landscape. She likes to discover new cultures and places, which is why she loves travelling. Also, it gives her a break from normal daily life to do something new. If Margot would be a country, she would obviously be France. That’s not because she refuses to speak English, she does that very well. Just as France is a versatile country, Margot has a lot of different characteristics. She is really kind and loving, but she’s also very adventurous since she loves travelling and decided to go study in a foreign country.


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