Simple Sustainable Swaps for Students

  Food vector created by pch.vector – Global warming and environmental pollution are hot topics these days. We are being told many times to live a more sustainable life in order to reduce our plastic waste and lower our carbon footprint. The magnitude of climate change will have detrimental effects on our planet in the upcoming decades. Temperatures will continue to rise, there will be drastic changes in weather … Read more

Think Tank: Statutes

On the 19th of April, a Think Tank was held concerning a possible statutes change for AEGEE-Groningen. The main goal of the evening was to gather information and suggestions from members and to gather the general feeling towards adapting the statutes. During the evening, we discussed the previous statutes change, including the process and the vision with which the current statutes were written. We also explained the reasons why we, … Read more

Inclusion and AEGEE: Meet the Social Equity Working Group

The Social Equity Working Group is one of the new working groups of AEGEE-Europe that works to achieve a more equal society in regards to gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, discrimination based on the place of origin and discrimination based on disabilities, along with any other topic related to social equity. The working group develops activities, events, workshops and other materials in order to achieve this, by educating young Europeans. Meet … Read more

All Ears: Supporting Students Through the Hard Times

Are you having a hard time coping with the pandemic, loneliness, or your mental health in general?  This week Kevin interviews Hendrik Timmer from All Ears to discuss mental health and ways to improve it.  Could you introduce yourself to us? Who are you exactly and what is your function/position within All Ears? My name is Hendrik Timmer. I’ve lived in Groningen since the start of my studies. After graduating … Read more

10 foto’s uit bestuursjaar XXIV (2011-2012)

10 foto’s uit bestuursjaar XXIV, door Ante S. In het academisch jaar 2011-2012, vormde ik samen met Janne, Jorrit, Katinka en Sahar het XXIVe bestuur van AEGEE-Groningen. Het was een geweldig intens en onvergetelijk jaar, met ontzettend veel activiteiten. Met zijn vijven hebben we gelachen, gehuild, gedebatteerd en gefeest. Mijn herinneringen aan Groningen zijn door mijn bestuursjaar voor altijd verbonden aan het Pand (en kelder) aan de Sint Walburgstraat, de … Read more


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