On this page you can find the partners of AEGEE-Groningen. If you buy something from our partners, make sure to use the discount codes or links provided on this page. In this way, a part of the amount of your purchase will go to AEGEE-Groningen.

For all your books, gadgets, furniture, etc. you obviously go to! AEGEE-Groningen receives a nice amount every time you order something via this link!

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Hoyhoy is a site where you can compare insurances, energy contracts and loans. Car, house, health or travel insurance can all be compared and taken out at the best price at Don’t forget your energy contract, each year you can save a lot of money if you opt for the cheapest option. Compare and save money via Do you find the product cheaper else where? You can get back the difference via

At you can compare  your fixed monthly charges and you can enter into contracts and take out loans that are very affordable. Think about your energy contract, your insurances, your internet package and (if you might need it) a loan. Energy providers, telecom providers and insurance companies offer exclusive deals and offers via Prciewise. Pricewise is an independent institution and always shows you the best options.

Members receive a 10% discount on everything they buy at Stadsbakkerij Meijer!

Location: Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 22

Members receive a discount of 25% with their discount card when they order at Domino’s

Members who can prove to be a member of AEGEE-Groningen (via our weekly mail, Facebook- or Whatsappgroup) receive a 15% discount on one or more items at Travelbags, Brugstraat 2 te Groningen. This discount is not valid in combination with other promotions.

Sponsor AEGEE-Groningen by using this website! For every order you place via Sponsorkliks, for example, at Zalando, Wehkamp or we get a small commission. is the largest comparison site for mobile phones and subscriptions in the Netherlands. Every year, thousands of subscribers switch to a new provider via this comparison module. Are you an Android fan or do you prefer an iPhone? Even for less well-known brands such as Xiaomi and Honor, you can go to Completely independent and 100% objective.

Ready for a new phone? On you can compare prices of all popular phones. Whether you are looking for a mobile phone without subscription or looking for the best deal for a new phone with subscription. Compare millions of offers from all the reliable shops and providers in our country. You can easily save on average more than two hundred euros through our website. You’re not a thief of your wallet, are you?

Whether you want your thesis, beer mats or other things to be printed, at Studentendrukwerk everyone prints and binds for a competitive student rate!

At bicycle store de Ganze you will get a 10% discount as a member of AEGEE-Groningen!
Locations: Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 69 & Westerkade 4

Fancy a nice coffee or lunch? At Lust Groningen you receive a 10% discount on your order as an AEGEE- member!
Locatie: Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 58

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