Welcome to the website of AEGEE-Groningen, the European student travel association in Groningen! We offer you great trips, European friends, congresses and lectures in Europe, combined with awesome parties. In Groningen, AEGEE has 360 members, but all over Europe we are represented in 40 countries with 13.000 members! Are you an international student in Groningen who wants to know more? Swing by at one of our weekly Social Drinks at the Brouwerij from 10 p.m. onward, or send an e-mail to board@aegee-groningen.nl. Are you a member of another AEGEE-local and want to visit the beautiful city of Groningen? If that is the case, we would love to meet you and show you around! Contact our European Affairs Director for more information: europeanaffairs@aegee-groningen.nl.



Our famous slogan is ‘Er gaat niets boven Groningen’ or in English ‘Nothing tops Groningen’. I am sure that you all agree with this sentence. Groningen is beautiful, vibrant and has a quirky atmosphere that you can only understand when you are here. The city has so much to offer. Just some places to name: Martinitower, Prinsengarden, Groninger Museum, Paterswoldsemeer, and Reitdiephaven. These are probably places that you are already … Read more

Does Neepan want a cookie or something else? We’re halfway there! Learn about the boardmembers’ experiences so far…

Time flies when you’re having fun; nothing can be said to be more true when it comes to this year. New Year’s Eve made us aware that  months already had passed within the blink of an eye. To give you some insight in our lives and the, what we consider as funny, jokes we have amongst ourselves, we played a little game. Here come the questions and our answers to … Read more

It’s time to get to know AEGEE-Europe: The Equal Rights Working Group

AEGEE is an international youth organization that embraces differences, we can agree on that. However, despite the numerous fights for the recognition and celebration of those differences such as nationality, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc., discrimination is still part of our organization. AEGEE has the potential and also the duty to do something against this. That is why the current Strategic Plan includes Equal Rights among the four Focus … Read more

Meet the Eventcie

Gijs is the acting president of AEGEE Groningen’s European Event Committee.  Gijs enjoys looking out the window while experiencing existential despair about the futility of life, drinking wine, reading and doing obscure and powerful Korean martial arts. This Aquarius’s favorite color is burgundy or dark green, unlike his eyes, which are blue. His favorite country he’s ever visited is either Turkey or Iceland. Gijs is a real Dutchie. His favorite … Read more


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