All Ears: Supporting Students Through the Hard Times

Are you having a hard time coping with the pandemic, loneliness, or your mental health in general?  This week Kevin interviews Hendrik Timmer from All Ears to discuss mental health and ways to improve it.  Could you introduce yourself to us? Who are you exactly and what is your function/position within All Ears? My name is Hendrik Timmer. I’ve lived in Groningen since the start of my studies. After graduating … Read more

10 Pictures from board year XXIV (2011-2012)

10 pictures from board year XXIV, by Ante S. My name is Ante and together with Janne, Jorrit, Katinka and Sahar, I formed the XXIV Board of AEGEE-Groningen in the academic year 2011-2012. It was an amazingly intense and unforgettable year, with a lot of different activities. With the five of us we laughed, cried, argued and partied. Thanks to my board year, my memories of Groningen are forever connected … Read more

Valentine’s Day Special

There is one thing I know for sure: AEGEEans tend to have the best stories, especially on matters concerning foreign affairs. To celebrate Valentine’s day this year, the Editorial Committee has compiled a bunch of stories and advice from our lovely AEGEE-Groningen Members. So whether you think Valentine’s day is a wonderful celebration of love or a truly terrible scam, sit back, relax and enjoy this little collection of memories. … Read more

Around the World in 6 Cocktails

If you are anything like me then you are probably yearning to travel again. I sometimes joke that AEGEE combines two of my favorite things -traveling and drinking. Whilst traveling might feel like a distant memory given the current situation, drinking is not. Here are some cocktails recipes inspired by my favorite cities to temporarily cure your wanderlust. This article is meant to entertain and inspire people of legal drinking … Read more

Introducing the 2020/2021 EuropaCie

Hello there! This year’s EuropaCie consists of four highly-motivated members. Together, we organize workshops, lectures, debates, pub quizzes, and other events related to… You guessed it: Europe! Despite COVID-19, we are more determined than ever to come up with the best possible activities for all of our members to enjoy. Below, you will find a short introduction of us and, as a bonus, some spontaneous answers to fun questions. Mary … Read more


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