Netflix recommendations by your Editorial Team

Editorial Mastermind 1 – Annelies 1: RUPAUL’s DRAG RACE Sorry not sorry: my absolute favourite one is RuPaul’s Drag Race. 11 seasons full of drama, self-discoveries, beautiful creations, and above all, lots of humour (at least in my opinion). Maybe you’ve already heard of it, and are you now thinking to yourself: “No no no Annelies, this seems to me like a bullshit show”. But keep in mind how all … Read more

Ask Aad

Dear reader, My name is Adriaan, but my friends call me ‘Aad’. I have been with AEGEE-Groningen for a long time, sometimes I think it might be too long a time. This was the year I was going to take a step back, but just when I wanted out, they pulled me back in. Over the years I got a lot of experience in AEGEE-Groningen and the last few years … Read more

Don’t let Corona beat you!

Dear all, I believe this article doesn’t need any kind of introduction. We are all in the middle of a world which we never experienced before. For me, it feels like some kind of zombie apocalypse. People hoarding toilet paper (I still don’t get why this would be anybody’s first choice would it be a real zombie apocalypse), pasta, weed, you name it. There are a lot of things we … Read more

Romantic story time with my Valentine Dennis

  It is the night of Saturday, the 16th of February, 2020. I am in my studio in Groningen and I can hear Dennis knocking on my front door, but I do not open. Ciara’s visit to Groningen was exciting, but she didn’t only sing any of her famous R&B songs in Forum or the Martini Plaza. She was also banging on my front door. Even though I was a … Read more

The four masterminds of the Editorial Team

It’s nice and stuff, that Gronoloog page. But as expected, you are dying to know who the masterminds are behind those amazing articles. No longer drown in your doubts, hereby we introduce ourselves, the Editorial Team of 2019/2020, and what better way to do that than according to a type of food Mastermind 1 – Adriaan Eldering Patatje Aad What is the best meal in the world? The one you … Read more


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