How did we end up joining AEGEE-Groningen?

Do you remember the day you signed up for the best adventure of your life? Do you remember why you wanted to join AEGEE-Groningen in the first place? Adriaan, Annelies en Mark will share their memories with you! Mark It feels like I am a member for ages, and in fact, this is quite true. I am a member since February 2015 and still remember my first evening in the … Read more

Your virtual (after) summer!

Due to the Coronavirus, AEGEEans have traveled less than ever before. It’s a pity, but we will travel again. Maybe not this summer and it’s probably not normal to travel till the end of 2020, but AEGEEans will travel again. Yes, we can (or we will!). However, during these hard times it has never been so easy to travel from your bed. I am not talking about lucid dreams. All … Read more

Find out the quarantine routines of your fellow AEGEEans

Want to know what our members are up to during this quarantine period? Lucky for you, The Editorial Team decided to interview some about their daily quarantine routines: Jamie: “Up until a while ago I had a few exams, so beforehand my routine consisted mostly of just studying and taking quick breaks. However, now that I have more time I like to start my day with a nice cup of … Read more

Living quarantine life to the fullest: here are some tips!

  The 10 best tips to stay productive & positive during the quarantine! By Wietske & Mark We are living in such a weird time, that is one thing for sure. A true AEGEEan loves to travel, to party and to do 200 things at the same time. During these times we cannot travel and there are no real-life parties. We just have to wait… (and a bit more). However, … Read more

Netflix recommendations by your Editorial Team

Editorial Mastermind 1 – Annelies 1: RUPAUL’s DRAG RACE Sorry not sorry: my absolute favourite one is RuPaul’s Drag Race. 11 seasons full of drama, self-discoveries, beautiful creations, and above all, lots of humour (at least in my opinion). Maybe you’ve already heard of it, and are you now thinking to yourself: “No no no Annelies, this seems to me like a bullshit show”. But keep in mind how all … Read more


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