My Autumn Agora Catania

Last September, the Autumn Agora took place in the majestic city of Catania. The Agora is the General Members Assembly of AEGEE-Europe during which about 800 members from all locals throughout Europe gather in one city to debate on thematic topics, discuss in which direction AEGEE should head and party like there’s no tomorrow. This was my second Agora after Agora Enschede and well, it blew my mind away. So, … Read more

Happy New Year’s Event in Siena

When I got accepted for the NYE event in Italy, Siena I was more than happy. I already knew some people there and I thought celebrating New Year’s Eve in the heart of Tuscany, with pasta, wine, and love would be the perfect ending of 2015. Three days before the event started, me and some friends from Heidelberg drove to Florence by car – which is approximately a 10 hours … Read more

A spark of Dutch creativity

There are a million ways to tell this story. There is a myriad of vignettes swirling around in my head as I see raindrops trickling down on the glass of the windows and I am taken back to Groningen and all the amazing people there. Man, where do I begin? It is extremely difficult to convey an atmosphere through words, but I am going to try my best to take … Read more

Five Days For Better Democracies

It is the year 2015 AD: Europe is detached from politics, the European Union fails to prove its legitimation and especially the European Parliament turns into a victim as only 60 percent of EU citizens go voting. They feel indifferent and bored about politics and are frustrated by a top-down governmental system. They do not identify themselves with the way of decision-making, which is applied there. This “state of post-democracy”, … Read more

Are you horny or do you want a cookie? – Two weeks of insanity in Groningen

I am floating in the sea, an ice-cold beer in my hand, watching the sun turn the sky into a shimmery pink-orange. After a cool bath in the salty waves, I warm up at the cozy campfire while my new friends share the latest romance gossip with me. This is one of many moments of an unforgettable adventure – my first Summer University in Groningen. The Motto Insane in the … Read more


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