And now: Butter on Your Head, a theatre piece by the IntroCie

This day at the office was not like the others, because this was bring-your-pet-to-work day! Elena promised to show her coworkers and close friends,  Ludwig and their CEO Marc, her cat. So she brought the fluffball to the office. During her lunch break Elena ate with her friend Ludwig and their other coworker, Linda. Linda left early to get back to work. Elena was the last to leave but to her dismay her cat carrier and beloved fur ball had disappeared!!! One of her coworkers must have taken him so she couldn’t enjoy the wonderful day. While Elena was upset that one of her coworkers broke their circle of trust, Linda snitched on Ludwig to Marc. Linda explained that Ludwig had stolen Elena’s cat. Ludwig, of course, denied it and even helped them search his office to prove his innocence. To Ludwig’s surprise, they ended up finding the cat in one of his drawers. While Elena was glad to have her cat back she was puzzled as to where the carrier had gone. Ludwig suggested that they should check Linda’s office as well since she tried to frame him! Linda was just jealous that Ludwig and Elena had a much better bond with their CEO Marc. Sure enough they found the carrier in her office and Linda was promptly fired while Elena, Ludwig and Marc all played with the cat. This goes to show you kids that the Dutch saying is correct: he who has butter on his head, should stay out of the sun!

End scene!

We hope this story confused you as much as the “well known” Dutch saying confused us!

Roll the credits (written, produced and edited):

Linda, played by: Belinda. Hi everybody! I’m Belinda, the current chairwoman for the IntroCie. This year I hope to welcome a lot of new people to our AEGEE family. We just had our first intro period and we were really happy with all the people that joined us even when it was all online. It was super fun but all of us will be working hard so we can, hopefully, see some of you face-to-face in September.

In the meantime, I’ll just tell you some things about me. I love games, tea, cats, pillows, plants, chocolate, cheese, and messing around with spreadsheets (this one was actually helpful for the committee too). You can quite often find me at the social drinks and I love to chat. I’ve been having an absolutely amazing time working with the other IntroCie girls and I look forward to hanging out with them and all of you (potential) AEGEEans more throughout the year <3

In the role of Elena: Jelena. Hi there, my dearest AEGEEans! Jelena here ? I hope you guys enjoyed our brilliant theatre piece – yes, it was my idea, I take full credit ? Anyways, I’m the general member of the IntroCie, and also the oldest member, which makes me the best member of the best committee! Can you imagine the coincidence!? ? Next to stating the obvious, I’m a very loud person that loves to party and grab some drinks. I’m a tea-loving vegetarian and also a bit of a nerd. What can I say, too much engineering… but that just proves I’m smart right…? ? After writing this piece I also realize that I’m apparently stuck up; but not everyone’s perfect so it’s all good ???. Oh and I love emojis! They just bring life to a written piece.

Anyways, this AEGEEan is reminiscent of the good old AEGEE days when we could all hang out, drink, party, and meet all the other amazing people from this association. May we all get together again soon ?.

Ludwig, played by: Ludovica. Hello everyone! I’m Ludovica and I am the treasurer of the IntroCie. I am from Italy and I am currently in my second year of my bachelor’s in biology. When I’m not studying, I like to go for walks, watch Netflix, and spend some time with friends.

I joined AEGEE-Groningen two years ago and I’m part of the IntroCie for the second time. What I really like about this committee is welcoming new members and organizing fun activities.

The February intro period of this year was of course different because everything was held online. However, it was still very fun! I loved organizing the activities together with Belinda, Marieke and Jelena, and I’m looking forward to the next intro period, hoping that this time we will be able to meet in person!

Marc, played by: Marieke. Hey everyone! I’m the secretary of the IntroCie. So that makes me responsible for the minutes and other stuff but most importantly…. I made the beautiful committee pictures for the Almanak, Gronoloog and FR auction! Of course, you can see I have a true talent for photo editing. All jokes aside, it’s very sad that because of the circumstances we can’t make a ‘real’ committee picture 🙁 Despite this we had a great first intro period!! It was really fun to meet new and current members of AEGEE. I’m hoping the next pubquiz will be in a real pub! So I will also tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a true Groninger and love our beautiful city. I’m in my second year of the Bachelor of Law at the RUG. I like to take walks, work out and play games. Together with my roommate I have 9 fish and 2 shrimps. And I think that pretty much sums it up?? I hope to see you all very soon again at the Brouwerij!


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