Introducing the Yearbook Committee!

We proudly present you… The YearbookCie! We are four creative people busy making a book with all the memories of AEGEE from the last year.

Our first member is Leanne. Leanne loves traveling as abroad she feels at home. Her spirit-fruit is a grape because they travel all over the world and there are many in a cluster, which indicates her interest in many different fields and things. Learning better French is one of her ambitions, to become even more international! She has many interests, designing logos, studying all kinds of media, collecting pins on Pinterest, Leanne wants to try it all! She has various Pinterest boards ranging from interiors, hand-lettering, colors, and many more! She knows everything this is to know about aesthetics. Even though she does not believe in the very deep spiritual stuff behind astrology and zodiac signs, she is curious about them. As a Libra, she is a true team player, very creative, and socially focused, which can also be seen in her efforts to set up the Halli Galli society. During our meetings, she is resourceful in finding solutions and making designs. This is exactly what we need from our PR responsible and designer!

Another awesome member of our committee is Karlijn! She is our secretary and makes sure we all know our homework. She is together with her (ex) boyfriend who loves warm places, but she would rather live in the snowy mountains. Nevertheless, she is very happy with him. She studies at Minerva to become a teacher so I guess you could say she is very creative! This is also the reason why out of all fruits she thinks she would be an apple: apple seeds are the seeds for new ideas and creativity. Karlijn is also the most innocent member of our committee because she is the only one who has never stolen anything! Not even pencils from Ikea or sweets from the Kruidvat. I know. And also, when Lisa and Karlijn first met, she helped Lisa after she drunkenly fell off her bike. She’s too good for this world. That’s why we’re lucky to have her on our committee!

Eike is treasurer of the yearbook committee 20/21. She lives in Groningen in a nice place with many plants in front of the high windows. She is very interested in nature and spirituality. For example, she eats vegan and is interested in the meanings of constellations. Eike herself is a Scorpio. If she had to choose a fruit that fits her personality, she would choose a banana. You have to peel the banana to really see the fruit. Eike also has different layers, which you have to peel off to get to know her better. She would like to do more creative courses if she had more time, but in her spare time, she is involved in photography. She is therefore the creator and maker of our committee photos. For the yearbook, she is also creative in designing the pages. Eike also knows how to make good coffee. She works in a nice coffee shop at Westerhaven that sells coffee and coffee products.

The lovely Lisa is the chairwoman of this amazing committee! Originally from Haren, she is 21 years old and studies Psychology. This is already her third year as a member of AEGEE! She has been on another committee before, so she is very organized and great at leading our meetings! As any AEGEE-er, she loves to travel and cannot wait until we are finally able to explore foreign countries again. Her love for traveling can also be seen during these stay-at-home times, as one of her favorite games to play is the boardgame ‘Ticket to Ride’! The fruit she identifies with most is a cherry: she is very sweet but she certainly has ‘pit’ on the inside! If she had all the time in the world, Lisa would take on some courses to learn photography skills and a few new languages!


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