Lack of Action? Here is the AcCie!

Hello dear AEGEEans! 

It is time to introduce this year’s AcCie:

First, I would like to introduce to you our Marieke. At first she was known as the General Member of the committee, our flying keep, the ‘manusje van alles’,  but after a little while she was ready for more. Therefore, she was promoted to FR-Responsible: one of the most important functions in our committee. A few meetings with Margriet and Marieke knew everything there was about fundraising. Ever since, we don’t worry about money anymore. There were rumours that a certain member of the committee (she will remain anonymous for obvious reasons) wanted to sell the services of Charley’s cat Molly to earn the financial support we needed. Luckily Marieke put a hold on that before it was too late. But of course, besides being an amazing FR responsible, Marieke is also incredibly ‘gezellig’ and very creative when it comes to brainstorming about upcoming activities. <3

Second to introduce is mister Kevin Gooyert, first of his name. Kevin is the Treasurer of the group, because he likes €€€. Kevin loves AEGEE, New York, beer and cats. Sometimes, when Charley is away travelling, he takes care of her ridiculously cute cat who’s called Molly (she’s not named after drugs. Or is she?). Kevin’s nickname, portrayed on his beautiful purple AcCie vest, is ‘opa’, grandpa in English. Why do we call him opa, you ask? Is Kevin so wise, we decided to honour him with this nickname? Well, no. We call him the grandpa of our group because he’s old (this guy is 24 years old, people!!!) and he smells like grapes. Just wanted that to be out in the open. Do with that piece of information what you want. Kevin is the only guy in our committee, which means he gets to open all our pickle jars and he takes care of all spiders. Those are just two reasons why we love Kevin so much.

Next on, we would like to introduce you to Charley! Charley does the PR for the AcCie or as her committee vest says, she is our ‘reclamemeisje’ (advertisement girl). Charley was a member of the board ‘18-19 and is  the most AEGEE a person can get. She has travelled all over Europe and seems to know almost every AEGEE-local. All the experience she has within AEGEE comes in really handy for our committee work. If a member of the AcCie has a question, we can always turn to her and she always knows what to do! In addition to the PR, Charley is also responsible for many of the AcCie committee points because she’s always up for a party or any other AEGEE-activity. Another contribution to the activity committee from Charley is her cat Molly. Molly is the most precious and cute thing you will ever see. She makes the meetings the AcCie have at Charley’s place really fun and Molly always knows a way to get the AcCie distracted from their work. Molly is even featured in the logo of the AcCie! After all, Charley is very sweet and caring and Molly is lucky to have Charley as her owner! 

Our Secretary cannot be missed: she makes notes as no other, seriously. Of course we are speaking of our beloved Esther. Whenever we have to contact anyone for our amazing activities, she writes the best emails and makes sure we get a reply in no time! I think by now you all know that Esther cannot be missed. Besides being one amazing Secretary, she also comes up with creative ideas for our committee activities … painting genitals is an amazing idea! Yes, Esther is very… very passionate <3. Do you remember the first activity of the year, when we played poker? This might not come as a surprise to you but Esther was such a talent! Un-be-lievable. Also Esther is part of the Juridical of AEGEE-Groningen, so do you have any problems? Don’t hesitate to knock on her door, because she knows how to handle it! 

And how could we ever forget our most valuable member of the committee: Kyra! As chairwoman of the committee, she guides us in deciding what to do, what to say, what to wear, what to eat, you name it! Leave it to Kyra to turn an average meeting into a literal puzzling afternoon, or come up with ideas for a committee activity like painting genitals. Also, she is amazing in making Datumprikkers, and especially in reminding Charley to fill those in. But, there is one thing Kyra simply cannot accomplish: installing Sponsorkliks. Kyra comes from a place called Grootegast, a lovely village in the middle of nowhere (don’t bother looking it up, it is too small for the human eye to notice). Because Grootegast is basically Friesland (prove me otherwise), she must therefore be a pro in ice-skating, which of course is true! Kyra also loves cats, in particular our committee mascot Molly. She hopes that one day Charley will decide to create a Molly livestream. So, it is safe to assume that without Kyra, the committee would not be the same. We love you Kyra!


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