Introducing the SAC

Since the application period for the XXXIIIrd board of AEGEE-Groningen has been open for quite some time, it’s time to get to know the SAC of this year! The team consists of Neepan Paramajothy and Tamara Koekkoek on behalf of the Advisory Board and Margriet Visser and Arjan Tilstra on behalf of the Board of AEGEE-Groningen.

Let’s start off with Arjan, our beloved Treasurer of the XXXIInd board. When you think of receipts, you think of Arjan (or perhaps the other way around). As a real “Fries’ in heart and soul, this lad is always down-to-earth. Very helpful when you are appointed as the unofficial IT-Responsible within the board, and therefore you automatically have to deal with all sorts of technical issues. Next to his AEGEE-related activities, Arjan likes to hit the road with his fanfare orchestra. As if this globetrotter is not busy enough, this year he keeps track of all the mails written to

It is now time to talk about our glorious leader, nuestro Presidenta, our President of the XXXIInd board and the chairperson of the SAC, Margrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Margriet is known for her contagious enthusiasm, electrifying energy and her working spirit! Besides being the President of AEGEE-Groningen and the chairperson of the SAC, Margriet is also the FR-Responsible for our association! This naturally means that Margriet is always looking out for sponsorships and the best deals at stores in Groningen for us members. As a true AEGEEan Margriet has travelled to all corners of Europe. After spending half a year in Spain, it’s fair to say that Margriets heart now also belongs to Spain besides the Netherlands (and Friesland). Legend has it that Margriet can cause a thunderstorm with lightning at will and that her smile makes people experience time slower.

Tamara Koekkoek (read: Cookiemonster) is the next member to be introduced. After having been the chairwoman of the Exchange Committee in ‘17/’18, she became a dedicated member of the XXXIst Board. As our past Secretary, she is able to listen carefully, take minutes AND structure tea bags… at the same time! Besides being so structured and always providing people with cookies, having fulfilled the function of FR-Responsible made her excellent in thinking out of the (tea) box. This competence has appeared very handy while being the chairwoman of the current PR-Committee. All this makes Cookiem… euh Tamara a very experienced thus valuable addition to the SAC.

Then there’s Neepan (the opposite of Yespan, obviously). You might know Neepan as the European Affairs Director of the XXXth board of AEGEE-Groningen, but in case you didn’t already know him, that’s what he was! He’s the guy who asks questions, lots of questions, so he’ll be sure to interview any board candidates thoroughly, very thoroughly… Don’t be afraid, though, he means the best (we’re fairly certain). A legitimate word of warning though: if you ever get this guy on another committee during a committee competition, just give up, unless you got another Paramajothy in your own committee, that’s the only way you’ll stand a chance…

Would you like to receive more information about a possible board year at AEGEE-Groningen without any obligations? You can request an appointment with the Application Advisory Commission (Sollicitatie Advies Comité) (SAC). You can request such an appointment either in Dutch or in English. This first appointment is without any obligations on your part to continue the application procedure. If you are interested or have any questions about a board year, please send an email to before the 1st of May!


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