Introducing our Introduction heroes

Jennifer Apell

The Strawberry Mojito drinker and avocado hater of our committee is no one else than Jennifer. Apart from being our best and only Treasurer; Jennifer also enjoys watching Netflix, partying and going to the gym. Someday she would like to travel to Australia, so you might have guessed which animal she would like to be. There comes the surprise: a panda, but why? “because they’re lazy and cute” (her words). With no doubt, we all agree. Nevertheless, Jennifer is nothing close to being lazy and her daily schedule is loaded with classes from her Human Movement Sciences programme. Yet she still manages to find time for our committee meetings, because she wants to ensure that all of our new (potential) members get to experience an amazing intro-period, just like she did back in September.

Ludovica Piccioli

This is our lovely General Member and Biology student Ludovica. She comes from the land of pizza, Ferrari, coffee and great fashion: Italy! In her spare time she likes cooking, jogging and hanging out with friends. On top of her travel list is Iceland. She loved her last visit so much, that she definitely wants to go there again. If you invite Ludovica to your house, make sure you hide all your chocolate. It’s her guilty pleasure to eat too much of it, especially with a good glass of her favorite white wine. But don’t worry, your apples will be safe though (she hates apples). Whenever the stress-levels in our committee go through the roof, Ludovica keeps a calm mind. Her way of life is being lazy and relaxed, just like her spirit animal: the sloth. After the introduction camp in September Ludovica knew she wanted to join the intro committee. She would love to organise activities to introduce people to AEGEE and give them a great time. 

Aleksandra Rachwalska

Our amazing Secretary is Aleksandra but you can also call her OIa. In her free time she likes to play guitar, read books and try out new recipes. She loves to eat cake. So we wonder what kind of recipes she really likes to try out. Would it be some cake? Her favourite alcoholic drink is vodka (what a surprise for a Polish girl, right?) but she likes gin-tonic as well, depending on her mood. She moved to Groningen to study European Languages and Culture and doesn’t really have a favourite country she wants to travel to because she feels like all the destinations offer a variety of culture. Aleksandra decided to join the great Introduction Committee because she wanted to be more engaged in AEGEE and loves to give all the new members a nice welcome. 

Melanie van der Vlies

The last one that joined our committee is Melanie, our amazing FR responsible! She joined the Intro Committee because she wanted to be involved with organising all of the fun intro activities! But before she even agreed with joining us she was already added to our amazing Intro Committee (we read her mind!). She really wants to travel to Australia because her favorite animal lives there! It’s sleeping all the time; can you guess which one it is? Yes it’s a Koala! It’s completely the opposite of Melanie because she likes to do Jiu jitsu and waterpolo and she is studying Physiotherapy. Melanie loves to watch dr. Pimple Popper (Yes it’s gross.. and she knows!). After she’s done with school and her training she likes to end her day with a movie on Netflix and a nice mojito cocktail!

Fleur Bekhuis

She hates warm tomatoes but loves tomato soup. What a contradiction right? That is our Fleur, she is our amazing Chairwoman! She’s from the Netherlands and recently moved to Groningen to study Nutrition and Dietetics. When she is not studying, you can probably find her playing golf or football, or maybe drinking a beer at sunset with some friends on the Dutch Antilles; her favorite travelling destination. She likes food in general, but chips and fries are her weakness, and as a good Dutchie, her favorite drink is beer. What she’s not very Dutch about? Well, let’s just say she’s not always on time…However, she makes up by lighting our meetings with her joyful and playful personality. Just like that of a monkey’s; the animal she identifies herself with. She decided to join the Intro Committee because last year she was also in an Intro Committee of another association and really liked the experience of it.


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