Don’t let Corona beat you!

Dear all,

I believe this article doesn’t need any kind of introduction. We are all in the middle of a world which we never experienced before. For me, it feels like some kind of zombie apocalypse. People hoarding toilet paper (I still don’t get why this would be anybody’s first choice would it be a real zombie apocalypse), pasta, weed, you name it.

There are a lot of things we can learn from this virus. Maybe you’re drowning in boredom at home, but why should that be a bad thing? Normally, everyone is always in a rush, arranging all kinds of things, worrying about the little details in life. Finally, we all have time for ourselves now, and to set our priorities straight: your own health and the health of others. There are plenty of things for you left to do, let me sum up some of my favourites:

  • I finally have the time to read some good books again. I associate reading books with my summer vacation, as I only felt during that time I really had a chance to relax and read. But guess what, now I have time, feels just like a summer vacation.
  • Long walks around town, and rediscover all the beauties your city has to over! I have been underestimating the effect of a walk for a long time. It really is super relaxing and it creates a good space for reordering all your thoughts. If you miss going out for a coffee: order a coffee to go before you walk! Remember to be responsible though and keep your social-distance (1,5 meter guys!).
  • I’m really not a fan of baking, but why not give it a try? Bake yourself a huge cheesecake, or start with some chocolate chip cookies. I suggest the first one. Bring your creations to that older neighbour, spread the love! Of course you can also try out every recipe you were thinking about trying, bring out that Gordon Ramsay in you.
  • Talking about older people: there are a lot of initiatives lately that give you a chance to help out others in need, I for example applied through this site:
  • In case you have roomies, you can think of some awesome pranks. Some real life examples out of my student house: glue all the tooth brushes together, hide their favourite snacks, put their furniture upside down. Be creative.
  • You probably already found out all the beauty technology has to offer. There are so many platforms to play online games with your friends, or to watch Netflix together, or playing it simple with some Skype ‘n Drink nights.
  • You can give all your contacts in your WhatsApp list a compliment. Reconnect with those with whom you’ve been losing contact (if this was intentionally, that I would recommend not to text anyone a compliment). Especially, you can text the boardies of AEGEE-Groningen on what a good job they have been doing this year and the job they are still doing despite the circumstances.
  • You can update your CV, or your LinkedIn page. Maybe you go through some troubles with your student job, but now it’s the time to make everything on point again. When this crisis is over, you are more than ready to apply for that one job you liked so much.
  • Write a piece for the Gronoloog. This is a very obvious one. Of course, in your heart, you always wanted to do this, but your head was saying it didn’t have the time. But now you do: send an e-mail to!
  • Don’t forget there is also a lot of time to study! A lot of online free courses are offered, here are two good platforms for you: “Future Learn” and “EDX”. The University of Groningen offers free courses on Future Learn too!
  • Let the (even more) inner weirdo take control over yourself: make some funny movies to keep yourself and others entertained, and feel free to share those through the AEGEE-Groningen group chat for instance.
  • Also: this virus is doing what a lot of people have been fighting for: less transport, which can only positively influence our environment. Isn’t that a nice thought for your walk outside?

Bottomline: don’t let Corona beat you! Stay healthy and take care of others when you’re in a position to do so. Lots of love – XOXO


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