The four masterminds of the Editorial Team

It’s nice and stuff, that Gronoloog page. But as expected, you are dying to know who the masterminds are behind those amazing articles. No longer drown in your doubts, hereby we introduce ourselves, the Editorial Team of 2019/2020, and what better way to do that than according to a type of food

Mastermind 1 – Adriaan Eldering
Patatje Aad

What is the best meal in the world? The one you liked as a kid ofcourse! As you get older you want to go back to those wonderful times more and more, and man I want to go back. In my case the meal is fries with applesauce and you’ve guessed it, I’m your AEGEE grandad. Which makes the applesauce a great thing to eat, as I don’t have to chew it. With old I mean I’m done studying and I’m approaching 30 (omg help), I studied neurobiology but I have finished my studies a while back and I am living the working life now. Guess that’s my basis and therefore the potatoes of my meal, what I choose to flavor those fries is a lot of nerdy things and some AEGEE stuff. I like to dip my fries in an applesauce made out of tango dancing, friends and scientific interests like mental health issues and brain chemistry. Altogether a nice and wholesome meal! I realize now that this metafor sucks, but I would love to talk to you in real life and hear about you and share some  fries!

Mastermind 2 – Demetra Korogiannou

Who am I? What food do I like? Those are both questions I struggle answering but they are both something I am going to write about for the purpose of being a member in this year’s Editorial team of AEGEE-Groningen! When it comes to food it is rather a quality VS quantity type of struggle. I tend to choose the later. If you add to that my latest sugar addiction things can get rather complicated. Veganism was a win-win situation for the Earth but also my stomach, but being vegan is something I left behind me when moving from Greece to Groningen, just as i left behind me the sun and beloved beaches. Food in the Netherlands is rather … controversial but the Dutch are expertise when it comes to sweets and that doesn’t help with my recent but very present sugar addiction. Stroopwafles, tony’s chocolonely, kerststol and speculaas are all in the top of my list and also something I encounter the minute I walk into Jumbo or albert heijn, which doesn’t really help. Who am I? Being a psychology graduate you can imagine I take the idea of identity a bit more seriously than the usual. That being said I will stop myself before becoming too philosophical and abstract about it and stick to a simple and short answer. My name is Demetra and I am a 24 year old Pre-master student of Psychology in RUG. Music, arts, philosophy, travelling and kerststol are at the best of my interests and I am planning to share my explorations and findings in Gronoloog with you guys!

Mastermind 3 – Mark Pasma

What kind of food am I? It’s a question I struggle with for a while. It really depends on my mood. Shall I choose something healthy? Something I love but barely eat or something which would describe me personally? If there is one thing I would like to address is that cannibalism is not acceptable. I like to choose which kind of food I am, but I’m not eatable. To make an exception for this instance I would say that I just like to eat a lot. One thing that would describe me at the moment, is a lovely Döner Kebab, preferably to eat at 4 AM. Why? Because It can be the best food after some nice drinks. You can get it anywhere at any time, but did you know that it was invented by Turkish people in Berlin? The Döner in Groningen is nice, but when you tried to perfect döner kebab in Berlin – where I live at the moment – you never want something else! So yeah, it’s the best food after a party, fast to eat and extremely delicious. Like me, you can find it anywhere. And it is even healthy since there is a bit of salad in it! A lot of different things in a piece of bread, which brings a lot of love & happiness. The best thing is, it makes everyone smile 😀

After a lovely time in Groningen, I’m spending some time in the Döner-capital Berlin, where I find the best travel deals and still contribute to our amazing association! X- Mark

Mastermind 4 – Annelies Kamphuis

Hey my lovely readers, my name is Annelies. But who is Annelies? Describing yourself according to a type of food, is one of the hardest tasks I’ve ever had. People can’t be just one type of food, right? Therefore, I will enlighten you with my multiple personalities. During Christmas, I will definitely be a donut. Very round, and with a hole in the middle which represents my stomach: I will never stop eating. However, during normal weekly days, you can see me as an avocado. In the morning, I am a not-ripe-enough-avocado, you cannot eat me yet, and you definitely shouldn’t. As the day passes by, I become more ripe, and I will be perfect for a lovely toast. On that toast, you can also find a flavour of white chocolate: I can be sweet if I want too, and I am just very white (why can I never get tanned?!). Bottom line: try yourself an avocado toast with some white chocolate, and during the Christmas days, put a donut on top. Annelies out.


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