Exclusive interview with SubCommissioner Hicham

Hi Hicham, the Editorial Team really appreciates your time for taking this interview in the very exclusive Gronoloog. For our readers who are not familiar with the famous AEGEEan that you are, can you introduce yourself in short, naming your AEGEE experience as well? My name is Hicham and I study in the beautiful Enschede (graduating next month). I joined AEGEE 4,5 year ago and I would describe my AEGEE experience as a great journey. It started as a way to have activities besides my study, but it grew as something more than just that. In my very active years in AEGEE, I’ve organized and participated in many activities/events. The most iconic ones have to be being part of the social program team of Agora Enschede 2017 and organizer of the 2019 Summer University in Enschede. 

Fun fact: I am a member of three AEGEE locals, if you want to know which ones and the story behind it just ask me ;). 

My biggest inspiration within AEGEE has to be Timo (aka the Mokkelman). How can you not like this guy? His godly personality, presidential appearance, kekke jacket, wicked body language and frequent use of the word ‘prominent’ makes him the perfect person to make memes off and tell embarrassing stories about. The time he sold his tie on an Agora is a story I love to tell over and over. 

Can you name the Agora which left you with the best memories? This is a difficult choice since all Agorae have something special. If I had to pick one, I’ll pick my first one, which was Agora Bergamo. It was really well organized, the parties were great, it had some nice Agora drama, there was food, someone fell on stage and it was my first real introduction to AEGEE-Nederland. Also, it was the Agora where we accepted the beloved Schulze method! 

Side note of the Editorial Team: don’t you know what an Agora is? Contact Arend-Jan by sending an email to europeanaffairs@aegee-groningen.nl! Don’t know what the Schulze method is? Contact Hicham himself! 

Last year you were a Subcommissioner of the Pancake Area, and currently you are a Subcommissioner of the Boomerang Area. Can you explain to our members what it’s like to be a Subcommissioner, and why you decided to fulfill this role? The AEGEE network is divided into 10 areas and each have an appointed Network Commissioner (NetCom). In short, The NetCom’s primary task is to ensure the smooth functioning of these AEGEE locals. As a Subcommissioner, you’re basically an assistant of NetCom. Examples of possible tasks of a Subcom vary from supporting locals, providing help, give information, responding to questions and help organize a Network Meeting. The task distribution really depends on the NetCom and the SubCom’s interests. Being a SubCom is a great way to assist locals, stimulate collaborations and help them integrate with AEGEE-Europe! 

Last year, I was the Subcom of the Nedertop/Pancake area, which mostly consists of Dutch locals. This year, I decided I wanted a new challenge and decided to become the SubCom of the Boomerang area. This area contains a more diverse group of locals of the whole network. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with us? I’ve visited AEGEE-Groningen multiple times and it was always a joy. I think Groningen is the perfect bridge between ‘gezelligheid’ (socializing) and ‘nuchterheid’ (down to earth). The people are cool, but quite ‘stug’ as well. But hey, you can’t have it all. The social drinks of AEGEE- Groningen are fun, but the best moment of the night is the call to move to Sunny Beach (shout out to Mark). All the balloons in Sunny Beach give me the feeling that there is a birthday party going on. 

What do I think connects me the most with AEGEE-Groningen? I am actually from the north of the Netherlands. You can say that the earlier mentioned ‘stugheid’ doesn’t fall far from the tree. I am actually thinking about living there again after my studies. So, you might see me at your social drink anytime soon :P. (So beware! I will make an appearance in a social drink in the near future.) 


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