Brace yourself, Amsterdam is coming

“Niets gaat boven Groningen?” Maybe true, but uhmm when nothing goes right, you have to go left and that is when you bump into Amsterdam. One of the many good things in Amsterdam is that it is the home of AEGEE-Amsterdam. Whether or not you’ll come to our social drink on the 28th of January, we believe you need a small introduction to AEGEE- Amsterdam; and the best way to do so is an “ABC’tje”.

A: Amsterdam, the best city in The Netherlands. It also stands for AMC’tje, which is a shot that you need to try when coming here! (legend tells that it is something that involves a lighter).

B: Brasil Bar, our home on every Tuesday from 9 – 3, try to stay till the end if you dare…

C: Cocos, our third home, and also the end station of most of our city tours and other city activities.

D: Drinking, beer for 1.70, wine for 1.50 & soda for 1.50.

E: Escalatie (a.k.a. escalation) which is truly the end and the beginning of every social drink.

F: FOCUS a word that you’ll hear during most social drinks as the members of this sorority can be a bit too enthusiastic, but hey, you really should focus though; on having fun!

G: Groningen, because you guys are visiting us <3 & Gezelligste local, because – of course – we are truly amazing

H: Hossellen, which is the Dutch slang word for fixing someone.

I: Introducing, as one shall introduce themselves to every member of AEGEE-Amsterdam.

J: Jello, the man that saves us from external people that try to enter our bar. He’s probably not there during your visit, as he is on holiday! Fun fact: he loves chicken burgers from the Mac Donald’s. Moreover, Jesus & Jay the people that you’ll spot behind the bar!

K: K, will be the sound you’ll make when you get asked to go to Mac Donald’s.

L: Lustrum, because next year will be our Lustrum year!!!

M: McDonald’s, one of the few places that is still open until 3. Yuppp, we are not as blessed as Groningen.

N: Napping, is what you’ll need after the social drink.

O: ORS, is a secret medicine that can be taken to prevent hangovers, and believe Polaris, it works and is amazing.

P: Polaris, the current board of Amsterdam. They lead this association as the Northern star they are.

Q: Quotes, we love the quotes of our members! Some you can read at the social drink at our chalkboard! Say something stupid and our secret agent will definitely write it down.

R: Reis, or in English: trip, as you came from the far North to assemble here.

S: Shotjesuur, (Shots hour) (23:00 – 00:00), the best time to be at the social drink, as selected shots are only 1,-

T: Timans, the last name of our almighty praeses.

U: (Not )Utrecht, as we should not be mistaken from the local that is only 30 minutes away.

V: Vastpakken, please grab everyone by the shoulders when the end song is announced!

W: Where am I, is what you’ll wonder after everything that has happened.

X: Xenophobia, because this does not exist at AEGEE.

Y: Y (why), is the sound you’ll make when the social drink ends.

Z: Zoenen, the Dutch word for kissing, as this happens a lot at the social drink; in the dark corners, on the toilets and outside. & Zonnestralen as we sing “het regent zonnestralen” when our social drink comes to an end. Learning the song would be much appreciated…


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