Get to know the … EventCie!

As we, the EventCie, wanted to write our article in a creative way, we decided to write about each other. Based on the answers everybody gave to the self-created questions, we all wrote about someone else, which led to certain creative approaches towards the answers given! Can you find out who wrote about whom?

I am Kevin and I am the amazing chair of the EventCie. Cats are my favourite thing to talk about. I am a 23-year old Dutchie, as Dutch as one could possibly imagine, who loves to listen to many different music styles. When I’m not listening to music, I’m always up for some Netflix (and chill). And oh yeah, I like cats. It won’t be much of a surprise therefore, that I identify myself most with Bast, the Egyptian Goddess of… Cats! But there’s more than just this streaking similarity between this creature and me: the Greeks used to identify Bast with their goddess Artemis, who turned into a cat to escape the god Typhon. Artemis is an excellent hunter, which I think is the reason why she was the goddess of the hunt. And so am I, in the Albert Heijn, on the hunt for discount!
As I mentioned before, as Dutch as one could possibly imagine. Surprisingly, my favourite mythological animal is a Manticore; a terrifying, but fascinating ‘maneater’: half lion, half scorpion. You could say that this fascination is quite weird, but that is just in line with my overall weirdness. As is my insane fear of dolls, especially those tall, humanlike ones. I will always blame Chucky for this. The fact that I watched it when I was 5 years old has nothing to do with it, of course. I love tea almost as much as I love cats, especially Spicy Chai, or Autumn Storm, or perhaps Minty Morocco …
Something that makes me very happy is a fine whisky, I can really sit down and relax with a glass of 12-year old Glenfiddich and a cat or two in my arms. The one thing that can completely ruin my day are people who walk slowly. I also can’t stand people who complain a lot, because I never do. Actually, I can’t stand people in general, especially if you compare them to those sweet, little creatures called cats. Surprisingly, I have managed to hide this for some; they are my ‘friends’ now. That is one of the many things that AEGEE has brought me: friends(hip), love, adventures, experiences, self-esteem, should I go on? Sadly, AEGEE hasn’t brought me anything cat-related, but on the other hand, I can take care of that myself.
When I think about later, I imagine myself living in Groningen, my hometown, with a job that makes me happy and that allows me to travel as well. Maybe I’ll get a cat or two, or 26. I would prefer this life without kneecaps over living it without knuckles. But before I can settle down like that, I will travel and conquer the world. Maybe, one day, I’ll crown myself ‘The Cat-King’. If you take a look at me, you’ll see that there is still a lot for me to learn, but one of the most urgent things in my eyes is to learn to draw a basic round circle. And to draw in general, maybe cats or something.

Perhaps the most international student in Groningen who is always up for something exciting is Lidia, the PR-person in our committee. Coming from Spain and having travelled most of Europe, Lidia is the sweetest person you would ever meet. She can easily identify herself with a fairy. After cooking delicious meals, it became apparent to the rest of the committee that cooking was one of Lidia’s great hobbies amongst of course travelling, sports and even writing poetry.
Apart from trying to win everyone’s hearts by her fantastic cooking, our PR hero is also looking at mastering the perhaps toughest language on Earth, Dutch. From looking at the notes on tea bags to watching Dutch TV shows Lidia will soon be your to-go-to Dutchie as well.
Some might ask how old this fairy is or should I say Phoenix. Well the answer will surprise you. Being only 18 years old, the youngest member of our committee is the only one who has  a multitude of talents and who knows how to turn any party into a crazy one. Being a crucial part of the committee Lidia ensures that all our events are a success and that, more importantly, people show up! Judging by Lidia’s favorite alcohol choices, jägermeister, or just straight up liquor, you don’t need to look for somebody else if you ever need someone to party with!
A few tips on interacting with Lidia, be open and direct, don’t hide what you want to say, bring her any kind of cinnamon tea and provide her with an amazing friendship! Who knows you might be lucky enough to befriend the to-go-to-PR person of our committee.

When I am not being the secretary for EventCie, I spend my time plotting to save the world as the representative of victims of international parental child abduction. I have a few battle scars – mainly from the cold hard streets Groningen has exposed me to. It’s one of the many things AEGEE has brought me, but of course a girl needs more than just her wits.
In my opinion, not all beautiful things in life can or should be planned and you should try to make something out of every opportunity you get. For this reason, I identify myself most with Caerus – personification of opportunity, luck and favourable moments. Never knowingly a stereotype my Dutch courage takes the form of Kahlua (the drink of champions of course).  My retirement will definitely take the form of ruling the world from my hidden island off the coast of the Netherlands – which I discovered during my most recent survival run. Of course, I will be sipping my Minty Morocco tea that I want to love because that sounds just like a drink for retired superheroes – but I don’t. And if it’s not some kind of hidden island that I discovered myself, as improbable as that may sound, I will be living in some place in the world that allows me to visit my family and friends regularly, without needing to turn to ‘All You Need Is Love’.
I’ve thought all about it. On my sweet little island, I won’t have to deal with arrogance of the people around me, since that is the one thing I can’t stand. And I won’t have to worry about electricity on the island as my very own mythical pet Alicanto will bring light in the darkness, allowing me to finally have enough time to spend my days reading and learning at least six languages – I mean, even a no-knuckled girl has to have some dreams to reach for. And with Alicanto by my side, I don’t need to worry  about the darkness anymore, of which I used to be terrified when I was a kid, a long long time ago of course ;).
Oh and if you are coming to visit me on my island – or anywhere else in the world – don’t forget to bring me a gift, as I absolutely love surprises. Be warned if you don’t bring one for Alicanto; you don’t want to get to know his dangerous side which he might just show you if you don’t make him happy.

Hello! My name is Ameer, and I obviously have the most important function in the committee; I’m the treasurer. That means I’m in charge of all the money that flows through our committee. And I’m doing a great job, if I may say so. Not a cent slips through without me noticing. Some might even say my work as treasurer is godly, and often would they compare me to the almighty Greek god Zeus. Of course, I don’t complain.
This godly appearance was created 21 years ago, and in the beautiful country of Pakistan! A country that most Dutchies don’t know a thing or two about (they probably can’t even point it out on the map). But although I might be a bit shy, I’m always happy to tell you more about my home if you would ask me! Pakistan has a very exquisite and unique cuisine. Joshanda, for example, is my favourite tea and it’s delicious! But you can also wake me up in the middle of the night for a nice glass of whiskey.
I like to play sports, I’m really fond of playing cricket and golf. While nobody ever seems to understand the rules of cricket, most people don’t even know what the sport looks like. But to keep it simple: you have a wooden plank and you’re going to hit a ball with it. Easy, right? My other hobbies include watching TV-shows (about money, because yeah, I am the almighty treasurer), enjoying life (as a treasurer) and of course annoy people (probably with being a treasurer). Yes, I am quite the character!
Now, lately I was asked which mythological character is my favourite. I did some thinking and I think that would be Perseus. Most people know him for slaying the fearless and creepy Medusa, who turned people to stone simple by looking at them. Perseus’ greatness fascinates me, and I hope that one day I could also achieve great things like him (although of course I’m already the best treasurer around). Maybe I could achieve this by pursuing my dream career, I would love to be a professional race car driver!
But enough about what I love, let’s talk about something I hate. Because I simply can’t stand cold weather, it infuriates me! (That would be useful though, it would make me warmer). What, did I choose the wrong country to come to if I hate cold weather? Maybe, but at least it’s not Norway or Iceland. Now that we’re on the topic of things I hate, I would like you to know that I would also hate it to lose my kneecaps, I would even prefer losing my knuckles if I had to choose between the two options. That’s an interesting fact, isn’t it?
To conclude my story, I want to say that I would love to live on the moon in the future. Why? I don’t know, it’s even colder out there than back here, but it seems fascinating to me. I also want to say that, although I have just become a member of AEGEE, it is already broadening my horizon and I’m getting so many new experiences already! Oh and guys, please teach me how to speak Dutch, your language is so weird (and with weird I mean amazing of course)!


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