Ladies and gentlemen: The European Committee!

It is true, we already had some great introductions from lovely committees, but of course you were all wondering: ‘’where is the Europe Committee? I really want to get to know them better!’’ Well who are we to deny that to you? So here we are: six beautiful, talented people, willing to organize awesome events for you during the year. We already had a lecture, a gaming night and the Agora Simulation, and more events will follow!


Kevin is 22 years young and the Chairman of this great, great committee. He coordinates all the tasks within the committee and is always in full control of the meetings. Never will there be an interruption because of random cats walking in (Kevin is a true cat lady), and never will the discussion end up in talking about Kevin’s big courgette. Being the only man in the committee, Kevin really is like the alpha male in a pack of she wolves (even though he might not act like it).


Can you name all the commissions within AEGEE-Europe? Do you know which AEGEE local is the furthest to the east? Do you know every president AEGEE-Europe had since its foundation? Well, Suzan does (although we’re not sure about the last one (she probably does))! Suzan is 28 years young and our PR-responsible! She also is an AEGEE expert, having visited a lot of AEGEE events and being a member for 10 years (!!!).


Lena is 23 years young and she is our wonderful Secretary. There might be ten people shouting at once, and Lena will still be able to write every word down in the minutes. She is from our wonderful neighbouring country Germany and actually she is partially Greek as well. We would never dare to make jokes about the German language when she’s around, that would be very  mean and disrespectful. Like shouting ‘’NEIN NEIN NEIN’’ during a meeting, we would never do that.


Lena might speak German fluently, but did you know that Elise speaks fluent Sherman? And did you also know that she is very interested in black cats and courgettes (especially when combined)? Elise is 20 years young and has the best position within our committee: the Treasurer! She knows all about our financial situation and is always distributing money to our lovely committee membe…. to IMPORTANT activities!


Cheyen is 23 years young and fulfils the role of General Member within our committee! Are you in need of petting a hamster? Cheyen has a lovely one, called Newt. Cheyen also likes to annoy Kevin by tickling him, but it is of no use: Kevin is fully immune to tickling (so don’t ever try it!). Cheyen is a wonderful cook and is always prepared to cook when a hungry committee stumbles in for a meeting. One advice: don’t ever try to beat her in a Mario Kart race; you will lose.


 Are you out of ideas for an upcoming event? Are you in need of a room for a lecture? Simone has the answer! Simone is the other General Member of the committee and she is 24 years young. She is the most experienced member of AEGEE-Groningen within the committee and her knowledge is always a big help when organizing events! She also is a great cook and my our stomachs are forever thankful for her delicious meals.

 So there you go. Now that you know us a little better, of course you’re coming to our next events! We hope to see you all there! And remember: courgette never verget! (Didn’t get the last reference? Then you probably don’t have our superior sense of humour, poor you!)


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