The Hitchhiker’s Guide of the Galaxy

Van: 14-06-2023 t/m 18-06-2023
Locatie: Amsterdam

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In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move – The Hitchhiker’s Guide of the Galaxy

In this day and age there seem to be so many things to worry about. Climate change, social injustices, war and so much more. DON’T PANIC! You want to make a change, but how? Is this something you wonder? Join our event! AEGEE-Amsterdam and AEGEE-Delft have combined powers to create an event that will teach you how you can make an impact and where to get started. Here’s what to expect:

– Workshops on How to be an activist, Becoming the most convincing negotiator, Creating your own parody campaign, and making impact!
– Field trip to the Peace Palace and The Hague
– City Quest in Delft
– Canoeing on the canals of Amsterdam
– European night
and many more fun games and activities to get to know each other!

So grab your towel and sign-up now for five days (!) of discovering Delft and Amsterdam, all the while learning about how to become politically active and getting to know lots of new fun people from all over Europe!

Apply before 23rd of May via this link:

See you soon in Delft & Amsterdam!

AEGEE-Delft & AEGEE-Amsterdam

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