Dinner with AEGEE-Bamberg

Op: 16-06-2018
Start om: 19.00 uur
Locatie: Restaurant Macedonië

Georganiseerd door: Board

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AEGEE-Bamberg will be visiting our beautiful city from the 15th until the 17th of June. What better way to get to know them much better than have dinner together!!

On Saturday, the 16th of June, AEGEE-Groningen will be having dinner with AEGE-Bamberg. In order to sign up for this event and to secure your spot for this multicultural dinner, please send an email to europeanaffairs@aegee-groningen.nl before 23:59 on Thursday the 14th of June.

Please bring your student card if you choose to attend this activity as we will be having the students menu.

Niet alle activiteiten zijn open voor niet-leden, wil je je ergens voor opgeven of meer informatie neem dan vooral contact met ons op via deze pagina of mail naar board@aegee-groningen.nl