Myth Busters: Climate Change Edition WS
AEGEE-Climate Emergency Working Group

Type: AEGEE Meeting

Op: 31-01-2021
Meld je aan van: 13-01-2021 t/m 31-01-2021
Facebook Event
Do you think you sometimes fall or have fallen for fake news? When it comes to climate and environmental issues, just like with Covid-19 we often have to deal with fake news and conspiracy theories. But that does not always happen on purpose. Urban legends and half-knowledge often contribute to the spread of untruths about such crucial issues.
We would like to invite you to our WS on which we will guide you on how to deal with myths and recognised the reality regarding Climate Change news.
Don’t miss a post on this Event and on our IG where we will put the Google Meets link to join this awesome meeting!

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