Christmas dinner with the CookCie

Hello! We are Amelia, Jacob, Mieke, Henni and Joris and we are the Cooking Committee of this year! On the 7th of December we organized our first activity, which was a 3 course Christmas Dinner. Every course was a Christmas staple from a different country, namely the countries that we come from! The starter was a nice warm Barszcz soup and pan fried “Krokiety” (Polish croquettes) since our chair Amelia is from Poland. The main dish was a potato salad, vegetarian sausages and bread with garlic butter from Germany, where Henni is from. Lastly, our guests enjoyed the stoofpeertjes (boiled pears) with vanilla pudding dessert, from the home country of Joris, Mieke and Jacob. The guests had trouble finishing all the food, but in the end it worked out and they left satisfied with a full stomach and gluhwein flowing through their veins. Next, the committee will prepare something special for Valentines Day in February, so keep your eyes peeled for that and make sure to drum up your entire committee, society and friend group for it!


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