Meet the AAC!

Every year the Application Advisory Commission (AAC) looking for the new board and guiding them through their application! At the moment, the application period for the XXXVI Board is running! You might be wondering who the people in the AAC are! Well, let us introduce ourselves, and share with you our memories from our board years!

From left to right: Cédric, Romy, Leanne & Astrid

My name is Astrid, I’m 23 years old, and I’m studying Statistics and Data science at Leiden University. This is already my 6th year in AEGEE-Groningen, and I’ve done a lot of different things in AEGEE over the past years. I started as the PR-Responsible of the Introduction Committee back in 2018, and am now (again) PR-Responsible of the Lustrum Committee, but my highlight was of course being PR-Responsible and Secretary of the XXXIII Board! Although we could not organise any trips in my board year due to COVID-19, I have a lot of wonderful and memorable experiences from that year. Killing our amazing president in online games was definitely one of them, but I also very much enjoyed seeing members at the physical social drink we could organise, and working together with them in the committees. My tasks as PR-Responsible also gave me a lot of energy; by creating the new information booklet and introducing Canva I got to leave a lasting mark on the association! During your board year, you can definitely achieve a lot of goals you can be proud of.

Hey, my name is Romy, I’m 23 years old and I’m doing a masters in Development Psychology. I’ve been a member of AEGEE-Groningen for five years now. In the past I’ve been in multiple committees and two years ago I was in the 33th board. During my board year I learned a lot of new, valuable skills. My function in the board was local affairs director, which means that I was responsible for most of our local committees and local activities. I enjoyed this a lot because you get to work together with a lot of different people and I also improved my organisational skills. My favourite memory during the board year was the members weekend at Schiermonnikoog. We went mudwalking, had a campfire on the beach and did so many other fun activities.  

Hey! I am Cédric, 20 years old and a second year member of AEGEE-Groningen. I currently study Business Administration, but this year I’m also the Treasurer, Local Affairs Director, FR-Responsible and Vice-President of the XXXV Board ‘Audacia’. What I really like about being Board is being able to be present at all the great activities and trips organised by our local. One of my favourite memories of this board year would be the Network Meeting organised by AEGEE-Eindhoven. Here around 25 members from all around the European Network came together to share skills and knowledge with each other. Next to that the NWM also had an amazing social program where you could have fun and bond with your fellow participants. All in all you never get bored when you’re Board

Hi! My name is Leanne, 22 years young, and currently enrolled in the MA Media Creation and Innovation. However, this year I am not taking any classes as I’m doing a board year at AEGEE-Groningen! I feel so lucky that I get to call myself the President and PR-Responsible of the XXXV Board! My favourite memory of this year so far was going to the Brouwerij right after our Transfer GMA. We just got inaugurated as the board and it was such a magical night, getting to celebrate it with all of you!! But, after that night, many more amazing things followed! I love catching up with you guys during the weekly social drinks, seeing you at the activities you organised, and of course the amazing hitchhikes and excursions! 

If you are interested in doing a board year, or just want to learn more about it, you can request an informal, non-binding conversation with the AAC! The deadline for requesting a first conversation is Sunday 9 April! The deadline requesting the application interview is Sunday 16 April

Send an email to the AAC to request a conversation! You can contact us at: 


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