Valentine’s Day Special

There is one thing I know for sure: AEGEEans tend to have the best stories, especially on matters concerning foreign affairs. To celebrate Valentine’s day this year, the Editorial Committee has compiled a bunch of stories and advice from our lovely AEGEE-Groningen Members. So whether you think Valentine’s day is a wonderful celebration of love or a truly terrible scam, sit back, relax and enjoy this little collection of memories.

Advice for better romances:

  • Never date your colleagues.
  • Never date a writer (Disclaimer: The Editorial Committee does not endorse this tip).
  • Never date an AEGEEan (Disclaimer: The Board of AEGEE-Groningen does not endorse this tip).
  • Never go on a date where you can run into family or friends.
  • Always have a good excuse to leave, in case the date isn’t what you expected it to be.
  • Never split the cost of a date, but rather let one pay it all. This way, the other can pay next time, so the second date is a fact!

Dating Advice from The Board of AEGEE-Groningen:

Are you ready to find the love of your life? Then the Board has some important advice for you!

One of the best ways to find your significant other is, of course, to join a committee and to join as many AEGEE activities as possible. You will get to know a lot of new people, so your chances of finding the one become much higher! Another way to go is to become an introparent during the introduction period. One board member has found this to be a particular effective way of finding love.

Is this advice not enough for you? Then our lovely president, Kirsten, has a simple step-by-step guide for you to make it even easier:

  1. Find human (preferably a nice one).
  2. Force human to come to Schier with you.
  3. Find nice ‘Weiland’ & bring some export.
  4. Seduce them with your awkwardness.

Stories and Epic Fails:

Falling for Her

On Valentine’s day we went to a bar. On our way back she convinced me to get into a shopping cart, so I did and she started to push it. After nearly crashing into a bunch of people I eventually hit a tree. I guess I really fell for her.

A Timeless Romance

When I have a date, I always try to be on time. We were going to meet at a bar (good old days). I was on time and waited in front of the bar. After 5 minutes I found out the internet on my  phone was turned off. I put it on again and saw her message that she was already in the bar and I was too late. I had never seen such an angry face, needless to say it didn’t work out.

Family affairs

Once I dated a girl from Tinder and she had a ‘Groninger accent’. Nothing wrong with it, but the way she spoke was exactly the same as my aunt. When this popped up in my mind, I couldn’t think of anything else. We never saw each other again.

A Questionable Romance

Do you know that feeling, when approaching the cafe where you are supposed to meet your Tinder date, that you just want to run home and hide yourself in a pile of snacks while watching Bridget Jones Diary?

About three years ago, I had that exact feeling. I do not necessarily think of myself as an awkward person, but dating brought out the most awkward version of myself. With some quiz cards in my pocket (if you have no conversation material this is a great tip), I walked towards my date with all the confidence I had in me. The first five minutes were the worst: I had no other option than to immediately throw the quiz cards on our table. “Oh, you brought some nice introductory questions?”. I thought the cards indeed asked questions about someone’s favourite animal or food, but I did not proofread the cards. I grabbed the first card and read the question aloud: “What happened on July 14, 1789, which symbolizes the starting point of the French Revolution?”. He gave me a strange look and then replied: “Shall we just order a drink first?”. I nodded; I could use a drink. And as of now, he is my boyfriend. Hit me up if you want to borrow my cards.

Wild Hunger

Once, in a distant past, I had a girlfriend that, like me, really loved bacon. Like, bacon was the best thing in the world to us. One night, after the social drink (which had been a devastating attack on my liver), I barely made it back home and I was hungry like I’ve never been before. What my tummy could use was some of that delicious grilled bacon. Then, my girlfriend, who also had been drinking with friends, texted me that she was hungry and was bringing food. My savior arrived, and with her she had a portion of freshly grilled bacon. It was totally burned, as she forgot to take it out of the frying pan in time, but boy was it delicious. We devoured the burned bacon together and went to bed with our bellies satisfied. And don’t tell me that this isn’t the most romantic story you have ever heard.


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