New Year’s Resolutions

Omg help. We are almost living in 2020, and to us it still feels like the far away future, don’t you agree? However, it is not, and for most people, the beginning of a new year marks the beginning of change. Will you finally stop smoking? Or will you finally take the leap to make the journey of your life? 

We have been doing some research among notorious AEGEE-Groningen people on their New Year’s resolutions, and hereby we present to you our exciting results. 

Tamara (Chairwoman of the PR committee): Tamara really wants to eat less “oliebollen” in 2020 than the previous year. Believe me, that is a challenge, good luck Tamara. Also, she wants to finish her Master’s degree (you can do dis, you smartie smart) and last but not least, she wants to cross off Scandinavia from her bucket list. 

Rob (Fundraising Responsible of the Summer University Committee): We have another one who wants to finish his Master’s degree, very original guys. However, travel-addict Rob has a few amazing trips coming his way: starting off with a New Year’s Event (ask Arend-Jan for more information!!!!), he will go to Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Czechia. Next to that, he is of course going to organize the best SU ever. 

Ewout (Chairman of the Europe Committee): Our lovely Ewout wants to make less jokes. Is that really so difficult Ewout? Lol, jokes. Also, he wants to exercise more. The Editorial Team wishes you the best of luck. 

Jelmer (Europe on Track team; SubCommissioner of the Boomerang Area): It’s time for Jelmer to take on a gym subscription, those 5 kilos are not going to lose themselves. Also, he wants to swing by Annelies more often for a coffee, but is that want Annelies wants as well? 

Nivé (General Member of the PR committee): Our lovely Nivé has proven herself to be more than Neepan his little sister in 2019. In 2020, she wants to travel more across Europe, she wants to spend more time with her friends (cute) and above all, the most important one, to earn a lot of money. Please take the Editorial Team on a dinner date when you get there. 

Wyatt (General Member of the Europe Committee): Our newly beloved member Wyatt wants to focus harder on his studies and he wants to do better with time management. 

Daphne (Former Treasurer of AEGEE-Groningen): Daphne is a meatball, she doesn’t have good manifestations. Thank you for your input Daphne. 

Madelief (Chairwoman of the aspirant family society): Madelief is a very pragmatic woman, she does not believe in new year’s resolutions but instead believes that if you want to change you should do so immediately. I think we can all learn something from Madelief. 

Calvin (Member): Calvin wants his year to be successful, he wants to finish his studies! He also told us he wants more private playtime, which is questionable to say the least. 

Jildert (Former Treasurer of AEGEE-Groningen): Jildert wants to start his year of the right way, by not drinking for an entire month. He will start on the second of january though, since he will be drinken in the first. 

Sabine (Former President of AEGEE-Groningen): As the former president of AEGEE- Groningen who now lives in Den Haag, Sabine wants to visit Groningen more. Which is great for all of us! She also wants to make a big trip and learn how to make eierballen. Amazing. 

Kyra (Chairwoman of the Activity Committee): Kyra has learned of former mistakes and therefore she is not going to make any resolutions. She knows that she will not uphold them which only causes her to be disappointed. She does want to make some important decisions concerning her studies, very mysterious. She ends with the fact that she is satisfied with who she is, so new year, same Kyra! 

Maus (Member): Has a few new year’s resolutions which could be very helpful like finding a house and also eat less chocolate. She also wants to drink more alcohol and appreciate her friends as much as she can. 

Kevin (Treasurer of the Activity Committee): Kevin wants to keep traveling. He wants to visit at least 3 new countries and he will try at least 3 new drinks per country. So he keeps counting in alcohol, like he should. He also has great plans for his retirement because he considered himself very old. 

Paul (Former President of AEGEE-Groningen): Wants to keep it very short. He wants to graduate in 2020. Furthermore he wants to talk less and wants to say more. That is something you may think about! 

Lars (Chairman of the Hitchhike Committee): Lars is very ambitious and he wants to give himself another chance to hitchhike to Kyiv, Ukraine! Let’s hope that he will succeed. 

Margriet (President of AEGEE-Groningen): Our beloved president is thinking very radically. She wants to quit alcohol (almost) completely for one whole month. Furthermore, she tries to eat less meat this upcoming year. 

That’s it. We want to wish you a healthy, happy and above all adventurous 2020! Proudly we will continue sharing your stories in the Gronoloog. 

With love, 

Adriaan, Demetra, Mark & Annelies


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