From AEGEE to NEE-GEE: Is there life after a board year?

Hi lovely reading AEGEEans,

Thank you for choosing Gronoloog. Firstly, let me introduce myself, as you might not know me. Last year I fulfilled the most awesome roles one can fulfil: President and Local Affairs Director of the XXXIst board of AEGEE-Groningen. In case you do know me: hey you, I’ll be back someday, don’t worry.

Once you decide to commit yourself to a full time board year, of course to the most adventurous student association of Groningen, one thing is certain: your personal life will slightly fade into the background. Members become your children, de Brouwerij becomes your second home. Travelling becomes a weekend job and your board members become your family.

Why should you read this article even further? Well, I would like to give you some of the highlights during my board year of 2018-2019, some random facts of my secret study life in Leiden, and I would like to end with an emotional touch. Don’t miss out!
Board life highlight time.

1) Agora Bucharest. 8 AM in the morning. Sleepy Aegle (who de f*ck is Aegle? = Arend-Jan, he is in the board or something). As 9 AM was plenary time, where the presence of delegates is obligatory, I needed to wake delegete-Aegle up. I decided to ice him, I was awesome. Icing Aegle in the morning was one of my highlights, sad but true. Do you want more information on European Events? Send an email to

2) Hitchhiking competitions. For me, there is nothing more adventurous than hitchhiking, especially with your overdramatic gay best friend. I do not like to say names, but Tim, stop drinking vodka at gas stations. The two-day adventure to Zagreb stood out for me, as the place was beautiful and I met a lot of helpful and generous people. I have heard the hitchhiking competition to Leipzig this year was not really a success, so maybe in the next one I will beat your asses.

3) Networking. I finally had a good reason to create a LinkedIn profile (and have a professional picture with it, add me!!!!!) and I felt more cool and professional than ever. I send tons of invitations to the people I encountered during my board year, and who knows I will profit from it in the future. Of course I mean networking also in the sense of new (European) friends. For instance, an AEGEEan from Sheffield came to visit me in Leiden, and I may have only met and spoken to him on two European events, I can honestly say he’s a good friend of mine.

But, the key question, is there life after a board year? Only in the Gronoloog, super exclusive, I came to tell you guys that there is. I discovered I had time to cook again, and I also discovered I’m still the shitty cook as I have always been. I found my inner motivation to get back into studying, which positively influenced my grades, and you know what that means: high grades → good job → get rich → get bitches (lol). I could spend more time on friends and family again, and therefore I did not have to let them visit the office, wow. I had the opportunity to bring my better self to a new city to begin a Masters, and I felt right at home. Together with three internationals, I share my cosy student house here. Due to many European Culture Nights, I know a thing or two about various cultures (and I can surprise my roomies with my knowledge). Sometimes I miss being a boardie, however, I am truly happy with myself and the place I find myself in, thank you AEGEE <3.

I can only end with the fact I can highly recommend doing a board year. It will open doors to new opportunities, new friends, new travel places and new insights. If you’re thinking about doing a board year, around January/February, you’ll receive more information to apply (there’s nothing wrong with a little early promotion, right?).

I miss you guys! Even though I haven’t met you yet, I miss you. Lets play a little game: if you’re reading this, send me your most funny gif (no problems if you don’t know me). I will probably laugh, as my humor standards are not that high (or my standards in general).

Hope to see you someday in the Brouwerij, feel free to visit me in Leiden and hopefully see you somewhere in Europe,

Your Lies-ex-sident


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