The challenging, elusive but wildly interesting European level – HRC edition

From your own fellow local reporting from the HRC: Roger Op Heij.

Here is another piece from your fancy editorial committee chairman, who also seems to be part of the HRC on European level. Say who? The HRC, the Human Resource Committee. What is that, the HRC, and what do they do? The committee focuses to help the network to stimulate and activate you and every other AEGEE member, to participate, to learn and to do great projects within AEGEE. From when you just started as a member until you trade our beloved organization for a bigger and working world, we are there to support you when it comes to the most valuable resource of our organization, people and their, i.e. your, skills! Our team currently consists of 24 members, new as well as experienced from all around Europe, all from different locals. We are a perfect example of a virtual team since most of us haven’t met each other face-to-face. This will change when we have had our first live meeting at the end of March. Outside of the live meetings or meeting at one of the Agoras, we meet by Skype and connect by Facebook or WhatsApp. 

We work together with and support locals and European bodies like the European executive board, the Comité Directeur, the Network Committee and AEGEE Academy by providing them with information regarding Human Resources. Our slogan – “Squeeze that Potential!” – is a good reflection of our main goal in the network: we strive to get the maximum potential out of every AEGEE member. Our pride and our work are shaped in the form of HR related projects. During these projects we collect information and data and summarize this. Based on these data we make booklets, training sessions and workshops. But also think of bigger projects like the Agora mentorship project, that is us! And for the older members, this great project has been the responsibility of our very own Patricia de Vos. So, keep your eyes peeled, since you might find us pop up somewhere giving HR-related training sessions and workshops.

If you want to meet us and get to know us better, show up at the Agora Fair during the Agora. We will have our own stand there with some fun workshops and games to get you familiar with the European level and the bodies which operate on this level. We would love to provide you with answers to all your HR-related questions but also further questions you have for our committee. For every part of the Human Resource Cycle, from questions regarding recruitment, to questions regarding people become Alumni or exit AEGEE. You can even let us know if you are interested in becoming part of the HRC and work with us. Usually, there is only an opportunity to join the HRC around October and November, but this time we also have an opportunity to join us during the Agora because we have an open call for new members during that week.

Talking about the Agora, this event is a place where you can see so much, not only of AEGEE, but also of Europe. During this event you will always meet different countries and the different areas within the countries. This is because this is such a big event with so many people from all over Europe, you can get an idea of the melting pot which is Europe. And that put together in one big gym. During the Agora, the main meetings are the plenaries and the prytania. There are also plenty of workshops scheduled, and also a social program in the evening. With so many people around, so many things happening and planned activities in the program, if you don’t learn from the plenaries and workshops themselves, you will learn from the people who are sitting or sleeping next to you. Lessons all around! An Agora is the perfect time to ‘Expand your Horizon!’. And of course, the European Night is always present at the Agora just to make sure that you have definitely something to remember the Agora by. Or just a moment to want to forget about it all together. But regardless what you remember or what you forget, everybody will remember different parts and will take a whole new experience home, after getting to know AEGEE and a lot other members a lot better. After this, you will keep seeing them during other events like Network Meetings and EPM’s where the content of the Agora will be drafted. Participating in these events give very interesting insights in how AEGEE works and where it is working towards in the future. It also gives you the opportunity to help shape the future of AEGEE in the brainstorms and discussions during these events. Since you learn a lot during these events regarding team play, team work, discussions and the organization, it is a win-win situation for both. 

So check out the countless possibilities and opportunities around Europe and hope to see you somewhere around Europe!


Roger and the HRC


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