Let’s introduce – the Introduction Committee

What attracts new members more than five handsome faces? This year the IntroCie consists of five handsome faces to welcome the new members to AEGEE! We will provide two unforgettable introduction periods in 2019. February and September will be amazing months with lots of cool activities and tasty dinners. We, the IntroCie, are going to organize all these awesome activities and dinners to our new members and old members. We hope that you all will become as enthusiastic about AEGEE as we already are! Let’s now introduce ourselves:

At first, our Low Face Kiran. She is our chairwoman and even though you can easily look over her, she ensures that everything is managed in the right direction. Just coming from Leiden, Kiran now follows the premaster Dutch Law in Groningen, leaving her boyfriend behind – how sad. Luckily she is very happy so far away from him and she has already made friends with the other handsome faces in the IntroCie.

Then we have Cute Face Lisa. You would not expect it from her, but Lisa was responsible for Project X, which the older members of AEGEE will undoubtedly still remember. From Haren she has to travel to our City every day and no matter how often we say she has to live on herself, she does not dare to. Lisa is our secretary and she secretly hides a code word every week in the minutes to make sure that the rest also reads them, which she learned during her study Psychology.

Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world… The pennies are in the hands of Old Face Isan. This treasurer is responsible for the sociability and housing of the Committee, in addition Isan also wrote this article for the Gronoloog! His master’s program in Landscape History is sometimes so dry that he has to drink enough beer to stay hydrated. Luckily, he is in the right place in this Committee!

Fourth is Hairy Face Zenthe. He is our man from the General Members Duo! In addition, he also takes on the Public Relations part of the Committee. Zenthe can do everything! He can also move very well, which is why he studies Human Movement Science. Or is it because he can’t move at all and therefore wants to study the science behind it? Zenthe does know how to throw a party and that’s why he is crowned Party Animal of the IntroCie ?!

Finally, we have Pizza Face Eleonora. This Italian girl is the right side of the General Members Duo. She also deals with the Fundraising part of the Committee. Eleonora is quite busy with all her deadlines for her master’s program in International Business and Management, but luckily she also has plenty of time to finish all the annoying tasks as General Member! Eleonora has built up a Cult Status in this Committee because of her background and her scientific knowledge about pizzas.


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