Nice – A Story of a Southern French City

The first excursion of the year went to the south of France and had a lot of wonderful prospects. Besides higher temperatures, we could look forward to a weekend with wine and cheese on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Little did we know that a week after the excursion we would find Groningen covered in white.

It was a wonderful weekend with a very relaxed committee, a small group and a flexible schedule. We enjoyed walking a lovely free city tour, strolling around, drinking wine, beers and eating cheese. The city tour gave us a splendid view of the city and its history and gave us the chance to pass through the local market. During the city tour we met awesome people with whom we met for dinner and pre-drinks. We even got the chance to take over the living room and the kitchen with them. Which is where we drank with them and played some drinking games. Some American we met even bought out the entire minibar. Pretty wild!

We went to a Christmas market, which, with the sun radiating on our heads and the temperature of 17 degrees, feels pretty weird. During the free time, we went searching for the house of Napoleon, which doesn’t really stand out, so we almost passed it without recognizing it. The small streets made the city feel really cosy and comfortable. Furthermore, the promenade is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the view of the sea, which you can smell in the whole city. And of course, we left our mark on the city with some beautiful stickers.

After two wonderful days we already had to leave way too early and I hope to be able to go back soon. If you love the French and their country, this is a great place to visit. So, yes, you should definitely join the next excursion by our lovely excursion commission. Your own winter holidays to an exotic country just doesn’t count; because it’s just not the same without the AEGEE Spirit! Hope to see you on the next excursion and I hope we can make it as relaxed, fun and beautiful as Nice was!


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