15 guilty pleasures of AEGEE-Groningen

My guilty pleasure is that ONLY ONCE A YEAR(!) I like to dress myself as a hot chick. – Calvin B.

Dancing, so I can lose my energy. – Roger O. H.

My guilty pleasure is Dragostea din tei by O-Zone, which I rediscover every three weeks and put on repeat because of the crazy catchy beat. – Annelies K.

Playing with Lego, so I can forget about everything and feel like a kid again. – Koen K.

Watching reality shows like Ex on the beach and Temptation Island. – Laura B.

My guilty pleasure is a pizza tosti in the morning. You can make this by putting ketchup inside a sandwich with cheese and then roast it in the toaster. – Arend-Jan T.

Licor 43, because it’s so delicious. – Shalwin R.

The song ‘Never gonna give you up’ from Rick Astley, because deep down everybody wants someone that’s never gonna give them up. – Jelmer W.

My guilty pleasure are XXL chocolate sprinkles with funnies. It makes me so happy if a lot of coloured funnies come out. It is the best thing ever on bread, in yoghurt or just from the pack. I love eating chocolate and when I eat chocolate sprinkles in for example my yoghurt I feel less guilty for eating a large amount of it. – Janniek de V.

I think most of you know that I come from the beautiful region Twente. That is the place where in the weekends 300 to 5000 people gather under the big plastic roof of a tent, in the middle of a meadow of a local farmer. Where everybody raises their plastic cup of Grolsch beer, drinks their asses off, throws their beer through the air and happily laughs when their hair gets wet, that’s where the harmonious sounds of carnival music and Deutsche schlager blast out of the gigantic amplifiers. At this moment, especially when ‘Böhmischer Traum’ is playing, I can’t help but shout shamelessly with everyone else, the most joyous music that exists! – Daphne T.

Dried organic mangos. Why: cause they are amazing and way too expensive for me. – Lena M.

Sending Whats’app voice messages to friends when I’m drunk. – Astrid W.

Yesss! Listening to movie soundtracks and how the visual effects of movies are done. – Neepan P.

I’m actually still a 5 year old kid that prefers to eat his fries with applesauce, but I’m too scared to buy it at the cafeteria so I almost never eat it. – Adriaan E.



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