It’s time to get to know AEGEE-Europe: The European Citizenship Working Group


Hearing the word “Europe” makes your heart beat faster? Do you feel that being European citizen means something more than a passport? Do you love reflecting on European integration and want to contribute to it?

You’re lucky: here we are, European Citizenship Working Group, 7 people from south-west till north-east of Europe, united by the passion for our common home: Álvaro González as Coordinator, Domen Brus as Policy Officer, and Franziska Meichelböck, Jasmin Kaiser, Natalia Klimenko, Stas Magula and Timo Schaper.

On February, 1st we celebrate the 6 months since we started working together. In this wonderful half a year we already have:

  • delivered sessions at the Agora Catania and at 4 NWMs in Alicante, Sankt-Peterburg, Kyiv and Passau
  • got our topic “Borderless Europe: Can we dream that big” selected for EPM Yerevan
  • delivered a workshop on Eastern Partnership Action Days (in cooperation with EaP)
  • prepared nice workshop outlines for the network
  • issued the booklet “All roads lead to Brussels” to serve generations to come
  • established AEGEE’s partnership with European Year of Cultural Heritage and
  • European Students’ Association for Cult   ural Heritage and helped several locals establish connection with them
  • conducted #StructuredDialogue talks on Politics Interest Group FB page
  • set up a Facebook page where we post everything about Europe and what we do 🙂
  • won the Instagram Competition of the European Commission 🙂

And more is to come! For the next half a year we already have planned:

  • Conference “Citizenship at its Grassroots: Polish and European Perspectives” organized together with AEGEE-Warszawa. Apply here on Intranet and here through G-Form before February, 5!


  • Workshops at Spring NWMs
  • Workshops at SUs (as part of SUs 30th anniversary project team)
  • 2 more booklets for lovers of Europe (hush…it’s a secret!)
  • …and it’s not all! (we will not give away too much…)

We are always happy to hear your ideas and feedback! Contact us at