It’s time to get to know AEGEE-Europe: The Youth Development Working Group

“Do you want to learn new skills? Do you want to find a job once you are finished studying? Do you want to develop yourself both personally and professionally? Good news, because the Youth Development Working Group is here to help with that! Who are we? We are a group of eight sexy brained members who are all passionate about self-development: Svenja van der Tol, the Working Group Coordinator, Steven Glasbeek, the Policy Officer and six members: Batuhan Çarıkçı, Desiree van Langen, Edoardo Aceto, Katie Popova, Polina Khapaeva and Roma Gnatyk.

On the first of August, we have started to work together with some questions on our minds: What does the future hold for us? Who will shape it? How can we make it better? The answers to these questions are two words: Youth and Development. To be concrete, we mostly focus on the self-development of AEGEE members by analysing what they want to learn, providing trainings, sharing other training opportunities, motivating them to improve themselves and working on a policy paper to ensure that not only young people but also those that can impact their life, the so-called ‘decision makers’, are aware of the importance of self-development and the skills that have to be learned.

Apart from all these things, we are also working on the new sexy – the Youth Development Working Group month! During this month, we encourage locals all around the Network to organise activities that help members develop themselves, and we also organise our own activities, such as an online training on how to give a training yourself and inspiring interviews with alumni. The Youth Development Working Group month will take place in February.

We look forward to develop 2018 together with all of you!

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